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Contact Tracing Processes

To aid public health agencies with their contact tracing in the event of positive cases of COVID-19 on campus, leaders are required to maintain a daily log or calendar of employees coming to campus.  This is in addition to Ryerson’s current health screening processes.

Departments should also restrict access and maintain an activity log and sign-in procedure for any non-departmental visitors who may be entering their workplace. 

Logs for employees and non-departmental visitors should should include:

  • entry time 
  • exit time
  • rooms visited while on campus

google docSample departmental access log, external link

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At this time, external visitors should be limited to only those that are necessary for the continuation of critical work, and should be approved by your leadership.

In the event that you have a confirmed case, please review the information on Reporting COVID-19 Symptoms and Confirmed Cases.