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Financial Assistance and Awards

  • Kindly note that the Ryerson Student Relief Fund has closed and is no longer available at this time. 
  • Ryerson’s Student Financial Assistance office has created a high-level summary of government financial supports being offered through the provincial and federal governments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Disclaimer: The information on this page is unofficial and subject to change. Please review the original source of the information to verify.
  • AwardSpring: If you have not already, please create an AwardSpring, external link profile to explore funding opportunities available through Ryerson.
  • Ryerson’s Career Boost Program: Ryerson’s on-campus employment program, Career Boost, is expected to continue to run over the spring/summer term. This is a great opportunity for eligible students to secure full-time employment with Ryerson. Please visit the Career Boost website for information on eligibility, application deadlines, and job opportunities. Need help with resumes and interviewing? The Career & Co-op Centre is happy to support!
  • Students are encouraged to contact google formStudent Financial Assistance, external link to see how your situation impacts your OSAP.
  • Depending on your situation, there may be certain appeals that can be submitted to minimize negative impacts to your OSAP application and funding.

    *"Direct result of COVID-19" is defined as being personally ill with COVID-19, forced self-quarantine due to travel or having been in contact with someone with COVID-19, or caring for an immediate family member with COVID-19.
  • Since Ryerson University has shifted to an essential services model, as of May 22, 2020 processing of refund requests will be temporarily suspended until June 15, 2020. We will aim to restore this service as quickly as possible.
  • Refunds of Chang School courses paid by credit card online will continue to be refunded as usual.
  • In order to remain in good standing with OSAP, students are required to pass a full-time course load, as defined by OSAP - 3 or more courses, or 2 or more courses if you have a permanent disability (PD) indicator on your OSAP application. 
  • Students who select a CRD grade will receive a credit for their course, while those who select an NCR grade will not receive a credit for their course. As such, if you do not have passing grades for at least 3 courses (or 2 courses for students with a PD indicator) for your winter 2020 term, you are at risk of being placed on OSAP Academic Probation, external link.
  • As outlined on the OSAP website, external link, the Ministry is temporarily deferring loan payments and interest accrual for OSAP borrowers from March 30, 2020 to September 30, 2020. Deferrals of loan payments and interest accrual are automatic.
  • During this deferral, payments will not be withdrawn from your account if you are on pre-authorized debit. If you make payments through online banking or cheque, you are not required to send in payments due during this period.
  • You can still make one-time payments online if you want to repay your loan faster. Payments during this period will go entirely towards your loan principal.
  • If you have been directly impacted by COVID-19* and as a result have had your academic situation change (e.g. cancelled or shortened international exchange, co-op, or internship; failed a course, etc.), please contact the google formStudent Financial Assistance, external link department to see how your situation impacts your OSAP.

    *"Directly impacted by COVID-19" is defined as being personally ill with COVID-19, forced self-quarantine due to travel or having been in contact with someone with COVID-19, or caring for an immediate family member with COVID-19.

In light of the current pandemic, Ryerson University has shifted to an essential services model. As a result, Ryerson has implemented a process for students to receive funds electronically via Western Union, though some may still be processed via cheque. Details will be shared with students, via their Ryerson email, if they are expecting to receive funds or a refund from the University.

Important Information for OSAP Recipients:

If you are receiving OSAP for the spring/summer semester and are receiving full-time spring/summer OSAP, you are required to declare CESB (OR CERB, for the CERB section) earnings as government income on your OSAP application. To update your application, please scan and upload, external link a letter to your OSAP account, external link including the following information:

  1. Your full name, Ryerson Student Number, and the date
  2. The amount of CESB (CERB for CERB section) received during your spring/summer study period and the period during which you are receiving these payments, e.g. $6,000 from CESB (CERB for CERB section) between May 1 and August 31.

Upload your letter through your online OSAP account using the "Optional uploads" link on the Required Documents page. Your OSAP funding will be recalculated based on the updated income information.

If you have a Fee Hold on your account that is attributable to COVID-19 (e.g. summer job impacted) that is blocking your ability to enrol in undergraduate, graduate or Chang School courses, you may send a request to have the hold temporarily lifted. You will need to submit your request using the google formFee Hold Release Request Form, external link.

Yes. The university paused the application of late fees on outstanding balances starting in May and will not start applying them again until August 2020.

Yes. Student account collection activity is currently on hold. The university will provide updated information on when collections activity will restart in this Q & A and students are advised to check this site for updates frequently. Students are encouraged to pay what they can against their past due balances to lessen their future financial burden.