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Winter 2022 Term: Planning for a Broader Return to Campus this January

October 21, 2021

To: Faculty members and contract lecturers

Dear colleagues,

Ryerson is planning for a significant increase in on-campus activity for the winter term. This will allow us to support students in their return to campus and in-person instruction, and to ensure the best possible student experience.

Prioritizing health and safety

Scientists and other public health experts confirm that a return to public spaces and large social gatherings is safe for those whose health is not compromised. Provincial guidelines and Ryerson's multi-layered approach to health and safety both support a return to campus life.

In the interest of everyone’s well-being, the university will continue its wholistic approach to safety in winter 2022, including proof of vaccination and daily health screening for those coming to campus, continued masking requirements, and air flushing. This approach has served us well to date, and will continue to create the best possible environment for everyone on campus.

Understanding provincial trends

Thankfully, the number of individuals in Ontario who are double vaccinated continues to grow, external link. Students have been returning in increasing numbers to campuses across the province, and on-campus COVID-19 transmissions have been very low. When transmissions do occur, they are rarely related to classroom or lab settings.

Alongside higher education, a range of sectors (i.e. business, government, health care, primary schools, etc.) have been engaging in a return to being physically present in large numbers in public settings and shared spaces. We are part of a societal transition that individuals and organizations across the province are navigating.

Returning to university life

This ability to return safely to public spaces represents a significant change. The shift from remaining in our homes to moving back to on-campus commitments may feel stressful and difficult. I encourage everyone to be attentive to the ways in which change can be challenging. At the same time, we can remember that current health realities allow for a safe return.

I appreciate your ongoing commitment to students and to your roles. I also look forward to experiencing more on-campus activities, to students’ and faculty members’ return to face-to-face learning, and to working with colleagues in person. I hope many of us, as I have noted before, can take some pleasure in being in the room together, and in returning to the familiarity, spontaneity and engagement that face-to-face interaction affords.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with your Deans to discuss how the university can best support you this winter.

Take care,

Jennifer Simpson
Provost and Vice-President, Academic