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Message to all faculty, staff, and students in the Collaborative, Post-Diploma and Master's programs: A COVID-19 Update

Date: March 15, 2020



Discontinuation of clinical placements across all programs


Given the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, a decision has been made to discontinue all Winter 2020 semester nursing placements for students across all programs (Collaborative, PD, MN), effective immediately. 

*Please note that separate direction will be sent out to our students in PHCNP clinical placements, based on decisions from the PHCNP provincial consortium.

It is important to understand that the decision is not based on the risk of contracting COVID-19 during clinical placement, but on principles of community and patient safety, and out of respect and support for our health care partners in what is a demanding and challenging time.  

For our students: we are currently looking at mitigating strategies and planning for academic continuity to support students in meeting their learning objectives and clinically-related competencies.  Transition will not be instantaneous, and your patience is appreciated. Program-wide and course-specific updates will be provided on a regular basis over the coming week, and we will need this time to continue to make plans for academic continuation. Please check your email and course D2L shells regularly for updated information. 

I want to thank all of you - our students, staff  and faculty – for your calm, compassionate and professional response to this rapidly evolving situation, for your contributions to health care, and for your commitment to learning and teaching.

Please contact your local public health department, Telehealth (1-866-797-000), or your primary care provider if you are concerned that you may have been exposed to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Please continue to monitor the university website and the Central Placement Office website for additional information and university-wide updates.

Thank you again.


Nancy Walton, Director DCSN


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Mask Fit Card

Students are responsible for arranging their own mask fit test. If your card has expired or is nearing its expiry date, please make sure to renew it as soon as possible:

SMH Questionnaire and Instructions [PDF]



Welcome Collaborative Nursing BScN Degree Program Year 1 Students

Being Newly Admitted for Fall 2019 – Winter 2020 Academic Sessions 

As a Collaborative Degree Program Nursing Student you will be taking clinical practice courses as your “nursing clinical practice placement experiences” beginning in Year 1.  All of your clinical practice placement experiences will occur in an actual health & community care setting where patients / clients are receiving health & care services.

Ontario legislation specifies certain surveillance requirements must be met, for those individuals entering into healthcare practice settings.  In order to comply with these requirements and promote the safety of all parties engaged in giving and receiving health care & community based services – all nursing students are required to demonstrate they meet essential surveillance requirements with documentation prior to their entry into the nursing clinical practice placement setting.


Year 1 Students:  To Complete a Practice Requirement Record (PRR)

In accordance with the Ryerson University, Centennial College & George Brown College Collaborative Nursing Degree Program, all nursing students are required to complete the requirements identified on the Practice Requirement Record (PRR).

Your completion of the PRR form (with a Health Care Provider / Physician) is compulsory for all nursing students enrolled in a practice course.   

Your completion and demonstrated status of “clearance” of all elements on the PRR form supports the protocol of an annual review and submission of the PRR form prior to a student being permitted to enter an assigned clinical / practice placement setting.

You are encouraged to review the PRR form and complete its elements as indicated in the instructions. The form may be downloaded and printed for ease of completion with your Health Care Provider/Physician.

Note: You will need to present documentation (including actual confirmation dates of results, a copy of required laboratory test results and a corresponding signature of a health care provider / physician) as indicated for all required elements as identified on the PRR form.




The Central Placement Office is aware of the current shortage of Hepatitis B and Twinrix Vacciniations, and its impact on students completing their Practice Requirements Records. If you are unable to receive the sufficient amount of doses to indicate blood work immunity, you can opt to provide a signed note form your Healthcare Provider that indicates the following:

  • They acknowledge the fact that the student is unable to receive the necessary doses for Hepatitis B immunity.
  • The student is safe to attend practice.

Only a signed HCP note that indicates above will be accepted in the case that you are unable to receive the necessary vaccinations for Hepatitis B.


Practice Requirement Record (PRR) Policy


All nursing students enrolled in practice courses must have their PRR cleared and stamped by the Central Placement Office (CPO) prior to the date of their first clinical/practice experience. 

When a student's PRR is incomplete, the PRR Policy comes into effect.

PRR Policy

Your Practice Requirement Record demonstrates that you meet specific health and safety needs of placement partners. All portions of this document must be completed and signed by your HCP in the appropriate sections. The documents must be completed and submitted to the Central Placement Office by the dates specified on the form. 

Please access the PRR information appropriate to your program via the top navigation menu entitled "Student Placement Forms".

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