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Steps to take if the PIR/PRR/PRF form says you do not have authorization to access it:

  1. Use Google Chrome
  2. Make sure that you are logged out of any email system other than your official Ryerson student email.
  3. Log into your Ryerson e-mail via ""
  4. Click on the appropriate PIR/PRR link, complete and submit your PIR/PRR/PRF.
  5. There have been reports that forms are not accessible on mobile or MAC. Please use a PC desktop.

If you are still encountering problems, clear your cookies and browsing data. In Google Chrome, go to the 3 bars at the top right hand corner of Chrome: 

Go to History, and select 'Clear Browsing Data' and make sure that at least the top four (4) boxes are checked. From the drop down menu at the top, 'the past hour' should be sufficient:

Ensure that you have registered your Ryerson email with Google Apps. Follow the link below for more information on the Google + Ryerson email process: