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Tips on completing Form 7

  • The e-Form 7 is not an option for submission. Student and contact person (instructor/faculty advisor) signatures are required on page 3 -- students must use hard copies
  • Worker Information (Section A): Job Title –  use "Nursing Student"
  • Employer Information (Section B) -- use the following information to complete Employer Information section:
  • Trade & Legal Name: use "Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities"
    Firm # - "825010"
    Mailing Address: "900 Bay St., 8th Floor, Mowat Block, Toronto, ON M7A 1L2"
    Description of Business Activity: "Nursing Student – Placement"
  • Official Title (Section J): use "Nursing Student"
  • Co-signature required by the contact person (instructor/faculty advisor) at the bottom of page 3.
  • Other documentation may be requested in addition to the above noted forms by WSIB (i.e. medication prescription, physician notes, ER report, occupational health report). It is advisable to keep copies of any documentation pertaining to the incident.
  • More detailed information may be obtained on the WSIB