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Post Diploma Nursing Degree Program

Placement Information Record (PIR)

You must complete a Placement Information Record in order to do a Nursing Practice Placement Course.  You may do practice placement or workstudy placement (RNs only) in the Post Diploma Degree Nursing program.

If you have changes you need to make, please notify the Post Diploma Placement Coordinator first. You will be asked to fill out an updated PIR. 

ยท          If you have trouble accessing the forms, please read this link: Form Access Troubleshooting


Form Description

Full Time - 2019/2020 PIR


PIR for students planning to complete CNCL 700 in the Fall 2019 term and CNCL 800 in the Winter 2020 term

Winter 2019 (WORKSTUDY) PIR



PIR for Full Time or Part Time RN planning to complete CNCL 700 or CNCL 800 as workstudy practice in the Winter 2019 term

Part Time - Spring 2019 PIR


PIR for students planning to complete CNCL 700 or 800 (or 800 Challenge credit) in the Spring 2019 term

Part Time - Fall 2019 PIR



Part Time Fall 2019 (WORKSTUDY) PIR



Part Time - Winter 2020 PIR


PIR for students planning to complete CNCL 700 or 800 in the Winter 2020 term

Part Time Winter 2020 (WORKSTUDY) PIR



Part Time Spring 2019 (WORKSTUDY) PIR 



Practice Requirement Record (2019 - 2020 Form) Due Date: May, 24 2019 (F19 & W20)

To be completed only for students enrolled in a Practice Placement. Workstudy RN students do not complete this form.


  • MUST BE VALID for the duration of your placement EACH semester AND reflect a DATE of ISSUE as completed within the last SIX MONTHS
  • DO NOT submit your FALL VSS application earlier than JUNE 03, 2019
  • DO NOT submit your WINTER VSS application earlier than OCTOBER 14, 2019


NOTE: Your Practice Requirement Record demonstrates that you meet specific health and safety needs of placement partners. All portions of this document must be completed and signed by your HCP in the appropriate sections. PRR Forms will not be accepted without a valid Ryerson, George Brown, or Centennial student ID. 

The last Practice Requirement Record (PRR) Form will be processed at 3:45 p.m. everyday.

Visit our FAQ page for more info on PRR submission.


Central Placement Office Placement Process Post Diploma Students [Powerpoint]


Hospital for Sick Kids

If you are interested in doing a placement at the Hospital for Sick Children for any academic term, please complete this form and send it the Post Diploma Practice Placement Coordinator.

*Requirement - Students must have a GPA 3.0 or higher




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