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Members working together at the HQ

Creative Technology Lab partner with RICOH Graphic Communications

Ricoh Canada is unleashing Ryerson’s creativity with their Ricoh Pro TF6250 printer at Ryerson’s Creative Technology Lab.

Members working together at the HQ

Formlabs Fuse 1

New machine announcement*


Members working together at the HQ

CTL x DFZ Student Grant Competition *Winners*

See full list of winners below



Folded Technologies

Kasie Lung - 4th year Fashion Design

Folded Technologies is a senior thesis project that explores the intersection of fashion, technology, and kinetics.



KUKA 3D Printing / Fundamentals

Pooja Patel - 4th Year Interior Design 

The project outcome is to clearly communicate the fundamentals of large scale 3D printing and democratize the practice of operating industrial robots.



Carving the Walls of Our City

Alice Huang and Buthaina Ahmed - 4th year Interior Design 

Our objective is to enhance the existing relationship between the viewers and historical buildings using AR technology. It changes the experience not only of the building but also of the streets surrounding it. 



Reclaiming Plastic

Xiyao (Miranda) Shou - 3rd year RTA: New Media

Reclaiming plastic explores the reincarnation of scrap plastic of kinds that remain unused and wasted. Reclaiming and repositioning plastic for creative uses with a focus on material longevity and project sustainability. 


Analyzing Aspects of Theatre Within Virtual Reality

Justine Katerenchuk - 4th year Performance: Production & Design

This project is aiming to explore the historic performing art of theatre in this new era of virtual reality.



Blender Virtual Production Tools

Tyler Dillman - 4th Year Image Arts

Blender Virtual Production Tools is a virtual production pipeline intended for use in low-budget or indie video and film creation. Using cutting edge AR technologies, Blender VP Tools allows the user to easily and accurately track any camera motion.


Project Morphosis

Amy Yan - 4th year Interior Design

Project Morphosis seeks to create an interior anamorphic installation that leverages the custom fabrication capabilities of robotics to experiment with image projection and form. 




Roy Luo - 4th year Fashion Design 

Research is heavily process-driven through the experimentation with bioplastics, silicone, and wool. Blending together a material language of two industries, traditional production  and media (such as plastics) are called into question in this project.



Paperboard Packaging Design

Dorotea Bajic & Laura Rendell-Dean - 4th year Graphic Communications Management 

Their plan is  to create a package which is able to combine the mediums of paperboard and 3D printing to create an interactive experience in hopes to explore how one could use 3D printing to push the capacities of paperboard packaging!