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The new Creative Technology Lab Service Bureau, previously the FCAD FabLab, supports academic or scholarly research prototyping of current students, faculty, and staff from all nine schools within the Faculty of Communication and Design. Equipped with 3D Printing (FDM & SLA) and Laser Cutting technologies, the Creative Technology Lab Service Bureau plays a crucial role in transforming intangible digital files into physical realities for the thousands of patrons it serves annually.

News & Updates

Welcome to the new Creative Techonology Lab Service Bureau!


During Summer 2020, the FabLab, an FCAD curriculum-focused fabrication facility, merged with the Creative Technology Lab, a research-focused fabrication facility. The Service Bureau branch of the Creative Technology Lab, a staff-operated output-driven entity, will offer the services previously provided by the FabLab.

Service Bureau 3D Printing operations will continue at the old FabLab location on the first floor of the Ryerson Interior Design Building (SID 104), while Service Bureau Laser Cutting operations will be carried out at the Daphne Cockwell Complex (B-level). 

In response to COVID-19, previously in-person 3D Printing and Laser Cutting operations have moved online, allowing patrons to submit files remotely through Google Forms, and only return to campus for payment and pick up of processed items. For more information about 3D Printing and Laser Cutting at the Service Bureau, please visit our service-specific pages using the buttons below. 

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3D Printing

(302 Church St.)

Laser Cutting

(288 Church St.)

Service Bureau Inquiries

The response time for inquiries is 2-3 business days.

(FCAD student, faculty, staff)
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