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Fall 2021 Creative Industries: Chair's Message

Hello from the School of Creative Industries,

It was a positive sign to read the update from President Lachemi, and learn that we are slowly moving towards a return to campus for the fall term, and we understand many of you are wondering what the fall will look like. 

To the extent we can share with you the plans without knowing the specific directives from the province or federal governments on social distancing, we will share with you what we are doing as of June 18, 2021.  

On June 8, 2021, President Lachemi’s message highlighted that the fall will be a transition period whereby we increase the number of on-campus classes and activities in order to prepare for a full return to campus in January 2022.  

To help you understand what that means for students in the School of Creative Industries, we have prepared the following summary broken into required and other courses.

Required Creative Industries Courses 

With your degree, you have 16 of 42 courses that are required (40% of classes).  These courses typically need to be taken in sequence and are only offered in the fall semester.  Due to the large class nature of these classes they will mostly be delivered in a format that avoids large-scale gatherings.  Below is a summary of those courses by year that highlights the planned delivery.  


Fall 2021 Plans

Year 1. BSM100 The New Business: Idea to Reality 

Remote delivery; All lectures and tutorials online.

Year 1: CRI100 Creative Industries Overview

Remote delivery; All lectures and tutorials online. 

Year 1: PLX 111 Imagining the Creative City 

Remote delivery; All lectures and tutorials online

Year 2: CRI300 Digital Design Studio

Remote delivery; All lectures and tutorials online.

Year 3: CRI600 The Creative Process

Remote delivery; All lectures and tutorials online.

Year 3: ACC340 Financial Management

Remote delivery; All lectures and tutorials online

Year 4: CRI700 HR in Creative Industries 

Remote delivery; All lectures and tutorials online.

Year 4: CRI710 CI Research Methodology 

Remote delivery; All lectures and tutorials online.

Please see the link below for Fall 2021 course offerings / delivery methods.


google sheetCreative Industries Fall 2021 Course Offerings (In-person vs. Online), external link


Other Courses (Table I or Open Electives, Table II Modules and Table A&B Liberal Studies) 

The School of Creative Industries is an interdisciplinary program whereby students get to choose and create much of their degree through courses offered by other schools within Ryerson. Students can take many of their courses through other schools and faculties (57% of classes).  Unfortunately, due to the sheer variety of courses available from different schools, it is not possible for us to update every course available. We can share with you that many programs with smaller class sizes are trying to provide in-person classes, while courses with large classes are planning a format that will be online. 

Most commonly asked questions…

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we have been receiving from students.  


  • Do I have to live in Toronto?  

Due to the transition nature for the fall, it would be in your best interest to be able to attend on-campus classes in the fall.  If however you cannot move to Toronto, we can make suggestions of courses that will be in an online format, but you will need to plan this carefully as you have the potential to be out of sync with your degree. If you opt to take courses out of sequence with your degree, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have completed all the credits required for your degree prior to graduation. Note that some courses are prerequisites for upper-year courses so taking them out of sequence may result if you have to extend your studies in order to complete.  

  • Will there be an orientation for 1st year students? 

We will be planning orientation in small groups of 30-60 students to avoid large-scale gatherings.  The events will be the last week of August and we will be communicating with first year students when we have the dates and rooms available.  We will also offer a virtual option for those who can not attend.

  • Will the Creative Industries office be open? 

To the extent that we are allowed to by the Province of Ontario and the University, Creative Industries offices will be open for students to visit and make inquiries. Hours will be posted as soon as we are available to open. We will also continue to offer all of the services and advice through an online format of emails, social media and Ask Us Anything sessions.  

For students with specific questions, feel free to reach out to or come visit a special edition of Ask us Anything session in September (dates to be determined)

Enjoy what is remaining of your summer and stay healthy, and know that the staff and faculty of the School of C.I look forward to welcoming you back to campus in 2021/22.

With regards,  

Chris Gibbs, Chair, School of Creative Industries


Last updated August 2021