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Future Students

Why Choose Creative industries?

Our program of study has been carefully designed to give you the skills you will need to be successful in the creative workplace. Your studies will have a dual focus that will enable you to explore and understand the Creative Industries as both creative process and commercial activity. Core courses will develop your competencies in communication, digital technology, critical thinking, research design, collaboration and teamwork while informing you about the economic, legal, political and technological environment in which Canadian creative enterprises function.

  • Four year degree 
  • Creative content modules of your choice
  • Business specialization
  • Internship program
  • Minors available

The program is operated by the Faculty of Communication Design, which houses many of the University’s most prestigious programs, including Fashion, Radio and Television Arts, Image Arts, Journalism, Theatre and Interior Design. Creative Industries students will have access to courses in all of these schools while also undertaking a business concentration delivered by the Ted Rogers School of Management – Canada’s largest undergraduate business school.

Our graduates are:
  • Television executives who will develop the next hit show, boosting ratings for the network 
  • Music industry executives, who will shape the future of popular culture 
  • Fashion marketers, who will create the stories around new labels and lines 
  • Media buyers, who will find the best way to share their client’s marketing message 
  • Advertising and communications specialists, who will create growth within brands and products 
  • Policy makers, who will foster processes and inform decisions that strengthen arts and culture 
  • Entrepreneurs, who will turn their spark of an idea into a viable business 
  • And leaders in limitless other creative business endeavours

The Ryerson Communication and Design Society (RCDS), external link is the first student-led umbrella society in a creative faculty in North America. The society builds community throughout the faculty, hosts professional development conferences and competitions, and offers over $200,000 in extracurricular funding for student projects.

Our students are people who envision an entrepreneurial career in media, entertainment, design or the visual and performing arts; who are motivated to learn how the creative process functions in these industries and how emerging technologies are reshaping them; and who want to acquire the kind of solid business, communication and management skills that will enable them to build a successful career in these fields.

The Creative Industries Course Union, external link represents students, working with faculty and university leaders. They create social opportunities to hang out as a group — karaoke, ice skating, board game parties, and pub nights. The union brings all four years of Creative Industries together, helping create a program family during your years at Ryerson.