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Chair’s Welcome Message

Welcome to the Department of Criminology. The Department of Criminology in the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University is known nationally as a hub for social justice approaches to the criminal justice system.

The BA in Criminology (formerly known as BA in Criminal Justice) program was launched in 2005. The program draws on theories, methods and practices of a broad range of social sciences, including political science, sociology, history and geography. Students learn to critically analyze the social context in which the criminal justice system operates, along with shifting boundaries of crime and other forms of social regulation.

We recently launched an MA program that emphasizes social justice and critical analyses of existing criminal justice, legal and social structures. It provides students with the theoretical, methodological and professional foundations required for understanding various forms of inequality as they intersect with the criminal justice system, and improving access to justice.

The field of criminology is interdisciplinary, as is the faculty in the department. Our professors have backgrounds in fields as diverse as law, criminology, history, geography, women's studies and sociology. They conduct research in areas such as the operation of the youth justice system, geographic analysis of violent crime, human rights, national security and radicalization, human trafficking, the criminalization of immigration, policing and governance, Indigenous governance and justice, and victims in the criminal justice system. The intellectual diversity and cutting-edge research contribute to the vitality of the department and will enhance your overall educational experience.