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Tammy Landau

Tammy Landau


PhD, Department Chair, Criminology


JOR 829


416-979-5000 Ext. 6198

Email Address:


Dr. Landau is Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Criminology. Dr. Landau received her PhD in criminology from the Centre of Criminology at the University of Toronto. Her doctoral thesis examined the emergence of First Nations Policing in remote Aboriginal communities in the James Bay/Hudson Bay region of Northern Ontario. Dr. Landau was a Senior Research and Policy Advisor to the Commission of Inquiry into Events at the Prison for Women in Kingston (Arbour Commission), and has been a consultant to federal, provincial and local governments on a range of justice issues. She is a former member of the Board of Directors of Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto. In August 2004, Dr. Landau was appointed to the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services where she served until May, 2012. Her current research interests include police accountability, Aboriginal justice issues and critical victimology. She is currently working on a project on racial profiling of women in the community.

Dr. Landau has taught a broad range of courses offered to both program and non-program students, including Introduction to Canadian Criminal Justice (CRM100), Understanding Crime in Canadian Society (CRM101), Victims and the Criminal Process (CRM202), Advanced Seminar (JUS700), and Introduction to Criminal Justice Research and Statistics  (CRM204).



Selected Publications & Presentations:

Landau, T. (2018) “Racial Profiling of Women in Canada: Beyond a ‘Gender-Free’ Lens”, in L. Foster, L. Jacobs, B. Siu, and S. Azmi (Eds.) Racial Profiling and Human Rights in Canada: The New Legal Landscape. Toronto: Irwin Law, pp. 197-218.

Landau, T. (2017). “Contexts and Consequences of Racial Profiling of Women” Journal of Canadian Diversity. 14(1), pp.32-34.

Landau, Tammy. C. (2016) “Critical Victimology” in Corteen, K., Morley, S., Taylor P., & Turner, J. (eds). A Companion to Crime, Harm and Victimisation. Bristol, United Kingdom: Policy Press, pp. 40-41.

Landau, T. and Varma, K. (2014) A Tale of Three Programs - Reflections on Criminological Studies at Ryerson University. The Annual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research Volume 4 (Fall 2014).

Landau, Tammy C. (2014) Challenging Notions: Critical Victimology in Canada. Second Edition. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press

Clark, Scott and Tammy C. Landau (2012). “Aboriginal Justice Policy in Canada.”  In Ismaili, K., Sprott, J. and Varma, K. (eds.). Canadian Criminal Justice Policy: A Contemporary Reader. Toronto: Oxford University. Pp. 135-159.

Landau, T. (2006) "Plus Ça Change? 'Correcting' Inuit Inmates in Nunavut, Canada." Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol. 45(2), pp. 191-207.

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Landau, T. (2000) "Women's Experiences with Mandatory Charging For Wife Assault in Ontario, Canada: A Case Against the Prosecution." International Review of Victimology. (Special Issue on Domestic Violence) 7(1,2,3): 141-157. (peer reviewed) (Also reproduced in Feminisms and Womanisms: A Women's Studies Reader. Althea Prince and Susan Silva-Wayne (Eds.) Toronto: Women's Press, 2004.)

Landau, T.  (2000) "Back to the Future: The Death of Civilian Review of Public Complaints Against the Police in Ontario, Canada." in A. Goldsmith and C. Lewis (eds.) Civilian Oversight of Policing: Governance, Democracy and Human Rights. Oxford: Hart Publishing, pp. 63-79.


Landau, Tammy