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Program Overview

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere."
— Martin Luther King

The Field

In most societies, responding to criminal behaviour and understanding its causes are issues of great public concern and debate. Whether we are trying to balance the rights of victims and offenders, create just laws, or protect communities, we often look to the criminal justice system for solutions.

Criminal Justice is both the machinery of justice — the police, the criminal courts, and prison systems — as well as the individuals, organizations, social values and legal systems that shape it. If you are interested in the intellectual and real-world challenges of providing justice in a rapidly changing, socially diverse society, this program is for you.

The Program

This new program has as its focus the criminal justice system and its relationships with individuals (as victims and/or offenders), professionals (prosecutors, police officers, youth workers), and communities. You will learn about some of the central issues facing the system, why some issues are so controversial, as well as some of the innovative, creative and positive changes which are possible in handing down justice.

Thinking critically, communicating effectively and researching in a meaningful way are just some of the skills you will attain by the end of the four years.


Our program relates theory and knowledge to the real world and prepares you for careers in the criminal justice area.

The first two years of the program offer basic knowledge of theories, methods, and practices of a broad range of social sciences, including sociology, psychology, politics and governance and more. This will broaden your perspective of the field and provide you with an ideal foundation for specialized study in Criminology in the upper years.

Extensive multidisciplinary opportunities in the upper years through professionally related electives in a broad range of areas, including social sciences, natural sciences, and business (see Curriculum) give you flexibility to pursue secondary areas of interest that complement your studies in Criminology and enhance your career preparation.