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Curriculum and Courses


The curriculum for the MA in Criminology and Social Justice is unique in several respects:

  • The focus on social justice reflects a significant need in the field of Criminology;
  • The combination of critical theory and experiential learning attuned specifically to social justice advocacy is unique in the discipline;
  • A field placement advances the spirit of community capacity-building and the integration of the university into the city;
  • A "research-focused" program, with an emphasis on both traditional and non-traditional modes of collecting and disseminating knowledge. The required research methods, theory, and seminar courses, in combination with the MRP requiring a major research project, ensure that graduates of this program are research-ready in their employment context.

Required courses:

  • Criminology and Social Justice Seminar
  • Critical Engagement with Criminological Theories
  • Graduate Research Methods (either qualitative or quantitative)

Elective courses include *:

  • Field Placement
  • Justice Policy
  •  Inequality, Social Justice and Criminal Justice
  • Graduate Special Topics Seminar
  • Practitioners Seminar
  • Directed Studies
  • Additional courses offered by other Ryerson MA or PhD programs

*All elective courses may not be offered in the first year.