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Program Structure

This program is designed for completion by full-time students in three consecutive terms: Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer.

The MA in Criminology and Social Justice has three options:

  1. Course work only, which requires students complete 3 required plus 5 elective courses,
  2. Course and field placement option, which requires students to take 3 required and 4 elective courses and a summer field placement of 120 hours,
  3. Course work and a major research paper, which requires 3 required and 3 elective courses plus a Major Research Paper. The MRP is a sustained exploration of a practical, empirical, or theoretical question or problem. It may take the form of a critical review of the literature in a field, the exploration or synthesis of various points of view in a subject area, a work-based analysis or a pilot study for a larger project. The MRP may be a research project that is narrower in scope, less sophisticated in methodology, or less complete in data gathering than would be required for a thesis. Unlike a thesis, it need not involve original research.