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Challenging Notions

Challenging Notions by Tammy C. Landau




Department of Criminology


Department of Criminology


Challenging Notions, 2nd Edition Critical Victimology in Canada by Tammy C. Landau

A critical look at how we define and understand victims

In Challenging Notions, Second Edition, students will explore the theoretical and applied aspects of victimology from a uniquely Canadian perspective. Reflecting on critical questions in the field such as: How do we understand victims? How do social and political factors affect victimization? What role does social inequality play in our response to victims?

Now in an expanded and updated second edition, this textbook examines patterns of victimization in Canada, the experiences of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system, restorative approaches to victimization, and the challenges presented when the state is the perpetrator of crime. Featuring current scholarship and clear examples, this text is a valuable resource for second- and third-year victimology classrooms.


  • Contains thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter
  • Incorporates trends and developments in policy, and includes data from the 2009 General Social Survey


"I'm using Challenging Notions for the third time and I like that it is not a huge, expensive text that the students have to spend a large amount of money on; as well, its small size does not overwhelm my students as many other texts do. Challenging Notions offers lots of Canadian information and is a good "jumping off" point for me to bring in ancillary, day-to-day material that compliments the contents of the text."

—Margaret O'Phee, St. Clair College


Tammy C. Landau is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Ryerson University.

For more details, please visit Canadian Scholars’ Press.


This expanded and updated second edition introduces students to both the theoretical and applied aspects of victimology and provides a critical foundation for evaluation.