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Why Ryerson Criminology?

Understanding crime and justice is fundamental. And attempting to balance the interests of victims, offenders, the public, and politicians makes the field of criminology incredibly dynamic and ever-changing. The curriculum offered by the Department of Criminology will provide you with a wide range of courses about the operation of the criminal justice system, the professionals that work within the system, and the various stakeholders that are involved in the system. The ability to think critically about issues in criminology and the substantive knowledge you will acquire, will prepare you for work in criminal justice related fields as well as postgraduate education. 

The field of criminology is interdisciplinary, as is the faculty in the department. Our professors have backgrounds in fields as diverse as law, social anthropology, criminology, and sociology. They conduct research in areas such as; the operation of the youth justice system, youth gangs, geographic analysis of violent crime, human rights and national security, human trafficking, policing and governance, Aboriginal governance and justice, and victims in the criminal justice system. The intellectual diversity and cutting edge research contributes to the vitality of the department and will enhance your overall educational experience.

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