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Leading Knowledge on Home and Community Care

Welcome to CRNCC, a vibrant national and international affiliation of academic and community researchers, community service providers, consumers and policy makers dedicated to advancing research and knowledge transfer in home and community care. The network encourages collaborative, community-driven research and knowledge translation across the continuum of care.




Best Brains Exchange
In November 2017, the Canadian Institutes of Health in collaboration with Health Canada sponsored the “Best Brains Exchange” to ensure that Canadians living in rural communities have equitable access to health care services. The Best Brains Exchange is an informal forum for interaction, exchange and mutual learning between researchers and decision makers to support and facilitate evidence-informed policy making. See presentations.

CRNCC at OCSA Conference
For over 50 years, Ontario’s Independent (IL) Living sector has supported tens of thousands of Ontarians whose needs are so complex they would otherwise have lived most or all of their lives in institutions. At the OSCA conference in Oct 2017, the CRNCC led two back-to-back workshops to hear innovative on-the-ground initiatives from the organization leaders in the independent living sector. See presentations.



Reports, Presentations & Events

Living Well with Dementia: Toward Dementia-Friendly Policy March 16, 2017, Ryerson University. Presentations Now Available

Report on Independent Living
Building Community-Based Capacity to Meet Ontario's Needs - Brief by the Ontario Association of Independent Living Service Providers (OAILSP)

Ensuring Healthy Aging for All: Home Care Access in Ontario
- Report by the Wellesley Institute.
Health and Social Care Policies for Older Persons with Dementia in Canada: Issues and Policy Directions
- Presentation by A. Paul Williams at the International Symposium on Health and Social Policies for Older Persons with Dementia
Improving Seniors’ Services in Ontario Position Paper by the Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors (Summary)


International Best Practices

The Netherlands’ “Buurtzorg Model” of community neighborhood nurse teams as a new way of organizing and delivering integrated care with mobile technology has come to Japan.

See presentations by Dr. Satoko Hotta, International University of Health and Welfare, Japan
[ Transition Towards Community-Based Integrated Care in Japan ] | [ National & Local Dementia Strategy in Japan ]



Community Corner

The School of Health Services Management at Ryerson University is conducting a short survey to address the societal need and viability of a proposed full-time Master of Health Services Management in Community Care (MHSMCC), to be offered in Fall 2018. For additional details, please see the survey link