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Enrich Your Program

In addition to the standard curriculum, our BSc in Computer Science offers a number of options to expand and enrich your program.

Co-Op Program

Apply your newly acquired skills in a live work setting. Our five-year co-op stream is popular and entry is competitive.

Put real working experience on your resume. Earn a salary. Build your professioal network. Graduate with a competitive edge.

Minor in Mathematics

Some of the foundations in Computer Science are based on mathematics. You may choose to advance your knowledge in mathematics by including six math courses in your program. For more details and list of courses, see the Undergraduate Calendar.

Concentration in Software Engineering

Within the regular degree program, you may choose to concentrate your program plan on Software Engineering for more in-depth study. To view available electives and applicable conditions, see the Concentrations tab in the Undergraduate Calendar.


Management Science Specialization

Some Computer Science graduates enter directly into management roles in technological fields. Our Management Science Specialization (OS MS) includes courses to equip you for a career in STEM mangement or as a preliminary stop into graduate level studies such as an MBA program.

Research Practicum

Undergraduate students have the optional opportunity to join a research team and conduct live, hands-on research with a faculty member. This non-credit practicum requires a weekly commitment of 5-10 hours. For more detail, see the Program Overview/Curriculum Information in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Undergraduate Thesis

High achieving fourth-year students may choose to complete an optional undergraduate thesis. You'll work closely with a professor on a project, typically to plan and implement a large software system.