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Faculty Profile: Dr. Sadaf Mustafiz

Assistant Professor
July 24, 2019
Dr. Sadaf Mustafiz

Meet Dr. Sadaf Mustafiz, our new addition to the Department of Computer Science. Mustafiz’s specialty: model-driven engineering for the analysis and design of complex systems. “With the future leading towards the Internet of Things (IoT), software will be part of everything. My primary goal is to tame the increasing complexities by making software and systems engineering practices more productive with model-driven methods and tools.”

After completing her PhD in Computer Science at McGill University, she began working as a research engineer in NECSIS, a national research network. This was a research collaboration between eight Canadian universities and GM Canada, IBM Canada, and Malina Software with a focus on model-driven engineering for automotive systems.

More recently, Mustafiz was part of an NSERC/Ericsson Industrial Research Chair on Model-Based Software Management in the telecommunication sector. "It's been rewarding to see that there is a positive impact in my work,” says Mustafiz. “Industrial relevance is key and that is what will be driving my research agenda."

At Ryerson, Mustafiz's long term objectives are to apply her industrial experience to form new IoT-related collaborations and solve real-world problems.