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Faculty Profile: Dr. Javad (Jake) Doliskani

Assistant Professor
September 05, 2019
Dr. Jake Doliskani

Ryerson’s Department of Computer Science welcomes its newest faculty member Dr. Jake Doliskani, who brings expertise in applied cryptography, post-quantum cryptography, and quantum computing. He is also passionate about the efficient implementation of cryptosystems.

With the emergence of quantum computers, we enter an era where we have to consider new approaches to cybersecurity. Doliskani’s research deals with the foundations of the next generation security protocols — also known as post-quantum security — as relates to quantum computers.

Doliskani completed his PhD in Computer Science at the Western University and his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing. When asked why he chose to dive into the field of cryptology, Doliskani is enthusiastic: “The ideas in quantum computing and cryptography are beautiful and intriguing.” As Doliskani points out, quantum computers are widely believed to be more powerful than classical computers. “I am fascinated by the information-processing abilities of a quantum computer that are governed by the laws of quantum mechanics.”
Going forward, Doliskani’s goal is to further Ryerson’s status in the domain of cybersecurity. He is working towards building a group that conducts high quality research in post-quantum cryptography and quantum computing.