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Certificate in Energy Management and Conservation

Gain recognition in a rapidly growing sector

In the energy sector, for every two people retiring from the workforce, there is only one joining. This is not sustainable, particularly in a sector that is growing and changing rapidly.

This certificate program, developed in cooperation with the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, opens in new window, provides adult learners with an opportunity to acquire a level of knowledge and expertise that will permit them to contribute effectively to energy management, conservation, sustainability and public policy governing this regulated sector; and to energy innovation, entrepreneurship, and the challenges and opportunities for developing new energy technologies and business enterprises. 

The four courses that make up this program are all taught online. In each one, students benefit from guest lecturers from across the energy sector.

Key features

 Developed with the Chang School, Canada's leader in innovative, quality, lifelong learning

 Flexible and part-time (winter start date: Jan. 15, 2021)

 100% online

 4 courses 

 12 weeks per course

Candidates must complete all four courses with a cumulative grade point average of 1.67 or higher:

Energy Innovation (CTEC 241)
This course explores drivers for innovation in Ontario’s energy sector, the opportunities for new business, and the challenges of moving from the idea stage to the marketplace. PDF fileDownload course outline.

Trends in Smart Grid (CTEC 264)
This course examines the challenges of modernizing and digitizing the electrical grid in Ontario. It explores the engineering and technological challenges of the smart grid and issues of privacy and security.

Trends in Energy Conservation (CTEC 269)  
This course explores the technical and policy dimensions of energy conservation, energy efficiency and demand response, with particular focus on potential contributions to sustainability of urban energy systems.

Public Policy in Energy (CTEC 282)
This course introduces students to the wide range of factors that influence the development and implementation of energy policy in Canada.

Fees for each course can be found on the Chang School website, opens in new window, where you can also find more information on fee policies, opens in new window

If you require financial assistance, you may apply for merit-based awards, opens in new window and/or need-based financial aid, opens in new window.

This certificate program is OSAP eligible. To learn more, visit the Student Financial Assistance website, opens in new window.

This program is suited to individuals seeking:

  • to expand their skill set.
  • to develop their expertise.
  • to change or advance their careers in the energy sector.
  • professional development leading to management and leadership roles.

"This program is driven by the needs of the sector," says Bala Venkatesh, the program's academic director. "The certificate allows those already in the energy industry to gain the knowledge they need to advance into management or leadership roles, and it allows those looking to break into the industry the understanding they need to start their own energy business."

"This program is driven by the needs of the sector. The certificate allows those already in the energy industry to get the knowledge they need to advance into management or leadership roles, and it allows those looking to break into the industry the understanding they need to start their own energy business."

— Bala Venkatesh, Academic Director

Mature student status and evidence of relevant college or university level coursework or mature student status together with relevant industrial or professional experience.

PDF fileThis information sheet provides detailed information on registration and enrollment. 

Dan McGiilvray
Distinguished Visiting Professor, Research and Innovation Office, Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science, Ryerson University; Associate, Yeates School of Graduate Studies, Ryerson University

Course: Energy Innovation

Sheikh Nahyaan
General Manager, Grid Operations & Emergency Management, Toronto Hydro

Course: Trends in Smart Grid

Gary Thompson
Lead, Generation Planning and System Studies, Toronto Hydro; Honorary Fellow, Centre for Urban Energy

Course: Trends in Energy Conservation

Sean Conway
Honorary Fellow, Centre for Urban Energy

Course: Public Policy in Energy

Ryerson is committed to providing an accessible learning environment. Please contact us if we need to make any accessibility accommodations to ensure your inclusion in this program.

"Thanks to Ryerson for all the industry research that you provide your students. I can see how the knowledge I'm learning is setting me up for future success in my business."

Kathleen Brown

"My experience through this certificate has highlighted our future energy options, a better understanding of how markets perform and a focus on innovation and energy entrepreneurship tied to skills required to be a better manager or business owner."

Patrick McMahon

"I found the certificate program to be a very positive experience. The content was complementary to my work, and the flexible nature of the courses fitted well with my work schedule. The courses offered were also diverse and engaging [which was] very helpful when it came to grabbing my attention after a long day at work!"

Rachel Soares

"This course provides an interesting overview of the political and environmental changes that are driving the need for new technologies in the sector. Guest lecturers from across the industry provide valuable insight into how the energy sector got to where it is today."

JoAnne Hosick

"With the sharing of knowledge and experience by several guest speakers from the industry, I gained understanding of the challenges that an innovative leader or entrepreneur will face. This course is inspiring and stimulated my interest in energy innovation; I strongly believe that many others will benefit from this certificate program in the coming years."

Siu Ming Edward Mok

"An excellent introduction and overview of the many aspects involved in securing our energy future. It will definitely open doors in the energy sector for me upon completion."

Kevin Daniel

Did this program change its name?
Yes, this program was formerly known as the Certificate in Energy Management and Innovation.

Should courses be taken in sequence or is it possible to take them all at once? 
You can take the courses in any order. Please check the Chang School website, opens in new window to see which courses are being offered during each term. 

Do the courses have to be taken as part of the Certificate program? 
No, they can be taken as individually as standalone courses as well. 

If you have any questions, please contact Program Director Anne-Marie Brinsmead, opens in new window