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Past conferences

October 10–11, 2018
Clean Technologies for Smart Cities
The 18th annual IEEE Canada Electrical Power and Energy Conference (EPEC 2018, external link) was hosted by the Centre for Urban Energy. This was the first time that the prestigious event had taken place in Toronto. Check out recap or view photos, external link

Jill Powers from the California ISO speaks at Leading the Charge conference

June 21, 2018
Leading the Charge 3
A packed house gathered at Mattamy Athletic Centre, the historic former home of the Toronto Maple Leafs, for the third edition of our energy storage conference. Distinguished speakers from Canada and the United States provided a wide range of outlooks on energy storage. View photos, external link

June 23, 2017
Leading the Charge 2
Building on the success of the previous year, the second annual Leading the Charge conference provided a platform for stakeholders — including technology providers, local distribution companies, government and academia — to come together and share their perspectives on the promise and progress of energy storage. PDF fileDownload report or view photos, external link.

June 24, 2016
Leading the Charge
Featuring a keynote address by IESO president and CEO Bruce Campbell, the inaugural Leading the Charge conference provided a stage for manufacturers, utilities and customers to share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of energy storage. PDF fileDownload report or view photos, external link.  

June 3, 2015
The LDC of the Future
Local distribution companies (LDCs) now face multiple challenges that raise questions about whether they – particularly those with small customer bases – can survive and, if so, by what means. This conference, hosted at the iconic former Maple Leaf Gardens, provided an overview of those challenges, and asked how LDCs might respond now and into the future. PDF fileDownload report.

May 1, 2012
Solar’s High Noon
Traditionally dependent on subsidies, today’s solar industry is ready to compete with other energy resources on a level playing field. This important threshold, what we call Solar’s High Noon, requires an informed public, industry and investment community to seize this opportunity. View photos, external link.