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CUR's newest Research Report looks at the limits of economic growth in the GGH and the challenges to creating Complete Communities in the region. Read CUR's full report here.

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The Centre for Urban Research and Land Development is an expert-led research Centre, dedicated to formulating policies and solutions to address the concerns confronting urban growth and change within the Greater Golden Horseshoe, as well as to educating students to take leadership roles in these pursuits. Its orientation is founded on uniting economics and market analysis within the context and understanding of social and environmental considerations.


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July 27, 2018
You can't have a complete community without employment
CUR's report on challenges to creating complete communities in the GGH featured in the Toronto Star's new homes section
By: Lucas

July 23, 2018
An action plan to improve housing affordability in the GGH
CUR's recommendations on improving housing affordability in the GGH featured in the Toronto Star's new homes section
By: Lucas

July 20, 2018
Three Myths About the 2018 Canadian Housing Market, According to Experts
CUR's senior researcher Diana Petramala discusses the interplay of supply and demand on the Canadian housing market
By: Sarah Niedoba

July 18, 2018
Build More Diverse Housing Options to Meet Demand Ryerson Action Plan Advises
CUR's Director David Amborski interviewed in the Toronto Star regarding CUR's policy recommendations for increasing housing affordability in the GGH  
By: Tamar Harris

July 15, 2018
Dealership's Face a Problem: Less Land, Large Inventories
CUR's Diana Petramala discusses the far-reaching impact of the high cost of land in the GTA  
By: John Irwin

July 11, 2018
The Student Scramble for Affordable Housing
The research of CUR's Frank Clayton's on affordable housing in the GTA referenced in The Varsity  
By: Raafia Shahid

June 22, 2018
Will Multi-Family Starts Continue to Dominate the Canadian Housing Market?
CUR's report on Millennials and housing referenced in the Journal of Commerce  
By: Peter Caulfield

June 15, 2018
How Can Doug Ford Fix Toronto Area Housing?
Panel including CUR's David Amborski interviewed in regard to housing affordability in the GTA in the Toronto Star  
By: Tess Kalinowski

June 9, 2018
Everyone Must Work Together to Create Supply of Housing Millennials can Afford
CUR's report on Millennial housing preferences referenced in The Toronto Star 
By: David Wilkes


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