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Opening Gala Event - Michael Kusner and President Sheldon Levy

David Amborski, Director, Centre for Urban Research and Land Development

Cheryl Shindruk, representing Geranium Corporation and Pace Credit Union, poses with President Sheldon Levy, Dean Usha George and David Amborski

Guests at the Opening Reception; from the left, Jason Battoni, Marc Muzzo, Attilio Lio, Mario Lio, Darren Steedman and Jordan Archer

Michael Kusner, Founding Director, School of Urban and Regional Planning, poses with Alumni, Paul Stagl, Don May, Bob Short and Mike DeAngelis

Top Left: Aaron Hershoff, Marc Muzzo, President Sheldon Levy, David Amborski, Chris De Sousa, Attilio Lio, Giuseppe Paolicelli and Peter Schut.

Bottom Left: Daniel Guizzetti, Darren Steedman, Lloyd Cherniak, Dean Usha George, Edward Sorbara, Patrick O’Hanlon and Stephen Upton.

In the Community.  Making a Difference.

The Centre for Urban Research and Land Development is an expert-led research Centre, dedicated to formulating policies and solutions to address the concerns confronting urban growth and change within the Greater Golden Horseshoe, as well as to educating students to take leadership roles in these pursuits. Its orientation is founded on uniting economics and market analysis within the context and understanding of social and environmental considerations.


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