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The Escalating Challenge of Home Ownership:
Causes, Costs & Risks

Councillor Ana Bailao

Paul Smetanin, President & CEO, CANCEA presents "Understanding Shelter Affordability Issues: Towards a better policy framework in Ontario"

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Hon. Ted McMeekin

Panel Moderator: Ben Dachis
Panel from left: Ted Tsiakopoulos, Sheena Sharp, Sal Guatieri, Cherise Burda and Paul Smetanin


From left: Professor David Amborski, Hon. Ted McMeekin, Peter Milczyn & Richard Lyall

Top row (left): Richard Lyall, Ben Dachis, Cherise Burda & David Amborski
Bottom row (left): Paul Smetanin, Ted Tsiakopoulos, Sal Guatieri & Sheena Sharp

Photo credits: Aonghus Kealy  

On Wednesday, December 9th, 2015, housing industry leaders, government officials and academics gathered at the Ryerson University to discuss the ground-breaking new research report by the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis (CANCEA) examining the Causes, Costs & Risks that are making it harder for families to purchase a home.

This event was co-hosted by the Centre for Urban Research and Land Development and the Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON). Thank you to everyone who participated.

Link - CANCEA Research Report
Link - CANCEA Executive Summary
Link - CANCEA Research Bulletin 
Link Paul Smetanin's Presentation (PDF) 
Video Link - David Amborski introduces City Councillor Ana Bailão
Video Link - Paul Smetanin's Presentation 
Video Link - Expert Panel Discussion

• Ben Dachis - Senior Policy Analyst, C.D. Howe Institute (Moderator)
• Ted Tsiakopoulos - Senior Economist, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
• Sheena Sharp - Principal, Coolearth Architecture & Ontario Association of Architects (OAA)
• Sal Guatieri - Director and Senior Economist at BMO Financial Group  
• Cherise Burda - Director, Ryerson City Building Institute
• Paul Smetanin - President and CEO, CANCEA

Video Link - Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Hon. Ted McMeekin