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Ryerson Official Transcripts

Ryerson University’s official transcripts are issued through MyCreds, external link, opens in new window, powered by Digitary, a leading digital credential expert and platform for certifying, sharing and verifying academic credentials in a secure digital format.

These digital transcripts can be shared securely with educational institutions, employers, government authorities and other third parties. You can access official transcripts faster and share them worldwide making for faster decision making for employers and educational institutions.

Downloaded transcripts are not official as they are subject to tampering and their authenticity cannot be verified by the receiver.

The Ryerson logo paired with the MyCreds logo

MyCreds™ | MesCertif™, external link, opens in new window is owned by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC, external link, opens in new window). It is a national credential wallet for post-secondary learners that has been created by Canadian higher education leadership. It represents an example of how ARUCC and Canadian colleges, institutes and universities are committed to ensuring official and secure document exchange and adhering to the Groningen Declaration Network, external link, opens in new window (GDN) principles. These principles emphasize: “Citizens worldwide should be able to consult and share their authentic educational data with whomever they want, whenever they want, wherever.

ARUCC became a signatory to the GDN principles in 2015.

Official Transcripts

A Ryerson official transcript is a complete record of a student's academic history at Ryerson University, including all undergraduate, graduate, law and continuing education courses taken, grades earned, academic progress, honours and graduation information. The official transcript also displays admission to and withdrawal from programs of study and other credits granted towards a program. Courses dropped by the deadline without academic penalty do not appear on the official transcript.

All official transcripts are complete and unabridged. Partial transcripts are not issued.

Use of Information and Privacy

All personal information that is collected is used, stored, and destroyed in accordance with Ryerson University's Information Protection and Access Policy.

By ordering a document, you agree to allow Ryerson to share your legal name, Student ID, email address and full academic record and official transcript with MyCreds, external link, opens in new window.

Tutorials for Students and Alumni

Getting Your e-Transcript

Please note that while the ServiceHub is closed for all in-person interactions due to COVID-19, no hard (paper) copies of official transcripts can be issued.

Request an Official Transcript through RAMSS

You can order e-Transcripts in your Student Center in RAMSS, choosing a specific number of Share Credits. You will receive an email notification from MyCreds when your e-Transcript is ready to be shared. You will then log in to your secure account on the MyCreds Learner Portal with your Ryerson username and password and authorize the release of your transcript to your chosen destination.

Share Credits

Instead of paying a fee per paper transcript, with the e-Transcript you will purchase a specific number of Share Credits for that document. Each Share Credit will allow you to share the secure e-Transcript with one recipient, such as an employer or an educational institution.


If you are applying to graduate programs at two universities (University A and University B) and need to submit an e-Transcript with the application to each university, you can purchase two Share Credits when you submit your order through RAMSS.

When you are notified that your e-Transcript is ready for sharing, you can log in to the MyCreds Learner Portal. You will then use the first Share Credit to send your e-Transcript to University A, and the second Share Credit to send your e-Transcript to University B.

In the MyCreds Learner Portal, you will be able to see how many Share Credits you purchased for your e-Transcript, how many you have already used, and how many are remaining.

When you have used all of the Share Credits that you purchased for your e-Transcript, you will no longer be able to share it with any further recipients. If the remaining Share Credits reach zero and you need to share your e-Transcript with another recipient, you will need to submit a new order through RAMSS and purchase more Share Credits.

The cost for each e-Transcript Share Credit is $18. To order transcripts via RAMSS, you must have a valid Visa, MasterCard or AMEX credit card (debit card is not accepted). Transcript fees are charged in Canadian dollars. Payment is non-refundable.

There are two ways to log in to the MyCreds Learner Portal. The appropriate method for you depends on whether or not you have received the email notification from MyCreds when a document in your account was issued.

1) Email Notification Received

If you have the email notification you received from MyCreds when the document was issued, follow the link in the email notification and log in with your Ryerson username and password.

All MyCreds notifications for current students (including e-Award notifications for students who graduated) will be sent to your Ryerson email address.

If you are a former student or you no longer have an active Ryerson email account, the notification will be sent to the Home email address on file with Ryerson.

Before you submit any orders through RAMSS for an electronic document, it is very important that you check the email addresses on your record and verify that they are correct.

When you start your order in RAMSS, the Contact Information box will display the email address that MyCreds notifications will be sent to.

The Student Information page in RAMSS. The user's email address in the Contact Information section is highlighted.

If your email address needs to be updated, please note that you can do so in RAMSS. Please refer to the How to Update an Email Address tutorial on the RAMSS Support website.

2) Email Notification Not Received

There are a few possible reasons for why you may not have received an email notification from MyCreds:

  • The email address on file in your RAMSS account is out-of-date
  • The email from MyCreds was lost or deleted from your inbox
  • Your Ryerson email address is no longer active

If this is the case, you can still access your documents directly from MyCreds. Go to the MyCreds Education Provider, external link, opens in new window sign-in page and select Ryerson University from the Institution drop-down menu. You can then log in with your Ryerson username and password.

Former Ryerson Students

If you are a former Ryerson student and your Ryerson email address is no longer active, you will receive a message when you log in to MyCreds that your Ryerson email address is your "Primary" email. This message appears because current and former Ryerson students all log in to the MyCreds Learner Portal with their Ryerson username and password.

Please note, this message does not prevent you from accessing or sharing your document. As soon as you click OK on the message, you can navigate to your profile settings in MyCreds and update the primary email address for your MyCreds profile to your preferred email address. Once you make this update, you will be able to verify your email address and will no longer see the popup message when logging in to the MyCreds Learner Portal.

Issues Logging into MyCreds

If you do not remember your Ryerson username, you may enter your Ryerson student number. If you attended Ryerson after 1984, you can activate your online identity or recover your account by following the instructions on the Accounts page.

If you have forgotten your Ryerson student number, or if you attended Ryerson before 1984, you can contact for assistance. Please ensure you include your complete name, date of birth, and the years you attended Ryerson in the email.

If you have forgotten your password, you may try performing an account recovery, opens in new window or contact the CCS HelpDesk at or 416-979-5000, ext. 556840.

Logging into MyCreds with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is required for Ryerson students (when logging in with your Ryerson username and password) to access specific applications including the MyCreds Learner Portal. Two-factor provides a second level of security for your Ryerson account.

More information and tutorials on two-factor authentication can be found on the Computing and Communications (CCS) website.

Ryerson login page with Verification Code box and Log in button
Change Your Login Information on MyCreds

When you log in to MyCreds to access and/or share your Official Ryerson electronic documents, you will use your Ryerson username and password.

Within MyCreds, you also have the option to add information to your profile in the MyCreds Learner Portal, for example if you also have been issued documents by different educational institutions that use the MyCreds platform. Information on your profile in the MyCreds Learner Portal and any password you set for your MyCreds profile does not change your Ryerson username or password.

Order Processing Times

e-Transcript orders are processed and transmitted from Ryerson to MyCreds daily. You will receive an email notification from MyCreds once your e-Transcripts are available for you to share. If your transcript includes academic history prior to September 1984, please add one additional business day for processing.

Potential Delays
Account Holds If you have a Hold on your account that restricts you from receiving a transcript, your transcript will not be issued until the balance or other obligations have been cleared to the satisfaction of the university.
Defer Dates and Postponing Processing

Defer dates allow you to postpone your transcript processing until after the date when grades are available on RAMSS after the end of term, or soon after you have graduated (so the transcript shows your graduation date/program). The defer date is important for students who are currently attending or who have recently graduated. 

If you require a transcript after the end of a term or immediately after you have graduated, select the appropriate option when you indicate “When Transcript is Required” on your transcript order in RAMSS. It is not possible to hold an official transcript order for grade changes or grades submitted after the grading deadline published in the Significant Dates calendar. 

Current students are required to review their unofficial transcript for accuracy and completeness before placing an official transcript order. Official transcripts will not be reissued in the event of a revision to the academic record such as a course drop or grade revision. For these situations, students will be required to place a new official transcript order.

Check Your Order Status

The first step is to check the status of your transcript order in RAMSS. Once the Transcript Processing Status for your order is Completed, you can access your document directly from the MyCreds platform, even if you don’t have the email notification.

  1. Log in to, opens in new window and click the RAMSS tab and then select the Academics tile. Select Request Official Transcript and click the Review Orders button at the bottom of the page.

    The Request Official Transcript screen on RAMSS. The 'Request Official Transcript' link on the left-hand menu of the RAMSS screen is highlighted.
  2. If the Transcript Processing Status for your order is Completed that means your e-Transcript has been transmitted to MyCreds.

    The Review Orders screen in RAMSS. Under the 'Transcript Processing Status' column, 'Completed' is highlighted.
  3. Once you see the status is Completed, you can access your e-Transcript by navigating to the MyCreds Education Provider, external link, opens in new window sign in page, selecting Ryerson University from the drop down menu, then logging in with your Ryerson username and password.

Sharing Your e-Transcript

Once you receive a confirmation email that your e-Transcript is available, you simply log in to the MyCreds Learner Portal. From the portal, you can share your e-Transcript with a recipient by clicking “Share” and entering the recipient’s email address. The recipient will receive an email notification from MyCreds that includes your name, indicating that you have shared a document with them. The recipient will click on the link provided in this email notification to view your transcript. The recipient will also be able to download your transcript.

Note that you can only share your e-Transcript with a number of recipients equal to the amount of Share Credits you purchase when ordering.

You have full control over how your document is shared. You can designate recipients, specify how long they can access your document or require them to use a PIN that you set. You can also send the document to another post-secondary institution directly through the MyCreds platform if the school is registered on the MyCreds network.

Share your e-Transcript from the MyCreds Portal
  1. From the Documents page, which will be visible after login, click on the Share button next to the document you wish to share. You will enter the recipient email address and MyCreds will send an email to the person or organization. You can specify for how long they can access the document, or require them to have a PIN to access the document.

    Documents page in MyCreds showing list of documents and Share link in same chart row.
  2. The Document Sharing page is where you will enter the recipient email address. Once you have entered the email address, click the Continue button.

    Recipient email entered into Share window on MyCreds. Continue button at the bottom of the same window is highlighted.

    Please ensure that the recipient email address entered is correct before sharing your document. Once you click the Share button, you will no longer be able to make edits or changes to the recipient email address for that Share.

    You will need to purchase an additional Share Credit to send it to a different email address.

  3. Review the number of Share Credits you have for this document and click Share.

    Confirmation of share window in MyCreds indicating number of available shares. Share button at bottom of same window is highlighted.
  4. Review the confirmation message which will include the email address for the recipient you have shared your transcript with. You can advise the recipient to expect an email notification from | Mes <>.

    Document Shared window confirming email addresses, with the recipient email address section highlighted.

For complete details about sharing your documents please see the MyCreds Learner FAQ, external link, opens in new window.

Sending Documents to Organizations Not Listed on MyCreds

If the organization you need to share your documents with is not listed as a “registered organization” with MyCreds yet, you can still share your documents with them via the MyCreds Learner Portal.

Instead of sending to a registered organization, once you get to the Document Sharing screen (see Step 2 above), you will need to use the “Generate a link to my documents” option and enter the recipient email address in the “Recipient Email” field. The recipient will receive an email notification with a link and instructions to access your secure digital document in MyCreds.

The majority of organizations recognize and accept official electronic documents from verified providers like MyCreds. If your recipient is not allowing you this option, please contact with the details of the situation and we can assist you in following up with the organization.

Enclosing Additional Forms and Third Party Documents

If you require a form or Third Party attachment to accompany your official transcript order, Student Records will send it to the recipient on your behalf (separately from the e-Transcript).

After you place your official transcript order through RAMSS, please send an email to Student Records at with the form attached. Be sure that you have completed all parts of the form for which you are responsible, and add your signature if necessary. Indicate the recipient’s email address, and include any additional instructions you have.

If you have questions about this process before you place an order, please contact Student Records.

Document Security

When shared through the MyCreds platform, the Official Transcript (e-Transcript) is authentic, tamper-evident and legally valid. Documents issued through MyCreds contain digital signatures that meet the legal requirements of certified digital documents in countries around the world.

When you share your documents with third parties through the MyCreds portal, these digital signatures ensure their authenticity. MyCreds stores your documents securely and your data remains under Ryerson University’s control and you control who you share your documents with. The underlying MyCreds systems have been independently tested by security experts. More information can be found on the MyCreds website, external link, opens in new window.

Expiration Dates and Disabling Access to Documents

As a learner/student, you have full control over access to your documents. In the MyCreds Learner Portal you can view the individual share that you would like to change and disable the recipient’s access at any time.

If you set an expiry date when you used a Share Credit to share your e-Transcript with a recipient, that recipient will lose access once the expiry date passes.

An expired or disabled share still counts towards the number of Share Credits you have used.

Not all downloads are considered authentic:

Your e-Transcript is not available for download from the Documents Page in your MyCreds Learner Portal.

This is one of the ways that the Registrar’s Office ensures the integrity and authenticity of academic records for employers, graduate schools, government authorities and other verifiers. When you share the document with a third party recipient directly through the MyCreds platform, the recipient is able to verify with Ryerson that the document is authentic and current, and will have access to the transcript in PDF format. From there, they will be able to download the document and retain it for their record keeping purposes.

If you need a copy of your transcript:

As a Learner, if you do need to download a copy of your Official Transcript for your own records, you have the option to share the document with yourself. This will allow you to access and download the PDF. This option will use up one Share Credit. If you also need to share the document securely with another third party within the platform, you will need to purchase additional Share Credits.

You can follow the complete step-by-step instructions for sharing your e-Transcript from the MyCreds Portal, but enter your own email address under Recipient Email. Once you complete the steps to confirm the share information, you will receive a new email notification from Ryerson University ( that includes a link to access the downloadable share of your e-Transcript.

You can also view and download your unofficial transcript as a PDF directly from your Student Center in RAMSS at any time. Downloading your unofficial transcript from RAMSS does not use any Share Credits.

Sending unofficial downloads of your transcript:

If you choose to download your transcript, and if you send this downloaded transcript to a third party, institutions and organizations may not consider it valid.

By receiving a copy of a downloaded transcript, third party recipients will have no way of verifying that the document you send them is valid, current and up-to-date. Instead, by sharing documents within the platform, third parties are able to verify the documents directly with Ryerson. Should there be any updates to a document, the third party recipient will immediately be able to access the updated version.

Information for Employers and Organizations

As an employer or organization who has received an electronic document from Ryerson University (e-Awards and e-Transcripts), you will be able to verify the document's authenticity.

e-Awards and e-Transcripts are official only when bearing the Blue Ribbon Symbol and a valid digital certification issued by GlobalSign CA for Adobe. 

A document is only considered official and is a trusted document if a recipient receives it in an email sent by MyCreds. The URL should start with

When you view the document through the MyCreds portal, you should see that:

  1. Document status says Available
  2. The document has the Certified blue ribbon symbol
  3. You can view the certificate information

For more information about verifying documents through MyCreds, please visit the MyCreds Verifier FAQs, external link, opens in new window.

Unofficial and Invalid Documents:

A transcript routed to a recipient from an individual personal email is not official. 

If a document has been revoked, or the share has expired or been disabled by the student, you will see a document verification failure message when you access the link.

MyCreds e-Transcripts are Official Ryerson Documents:

Documents issued through MyCreds contain digital signatures that meet the legal requirements of certified digital documents in countries around the world. When students/alumni share their documents with third parties through the MyCreds portal, these digital signatures ensure their authenticity as a document issued by Ryerson University.

Understanding Transcripts

For information on how to read official transcripts received, grade scales, additional designations and academic standings, please visit the Transcript Legend page.