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Frequently Asked Questions
Who evaluates my Transfer Credit Applications?
  • All equivalency decisions are made by a subject area expert from a Ryerson teaching department. 
  • The Transfer Credit Unit confirms your Transfer Credit eligibility, the accreditation of your institution(s), the accuracy of your grades and submitted course related information, and routes your application to the appropriate teaching department for review.
Can I have my Transfer Credit Applications approved by my professor or program department for faster results?
  • All Transfer Credit Applications must be submitted to the Transfer Credit Unit and not to a Ryerson professor or teaching department. 
  • The Unit vets all Transfer Credit applications and will ensure they are evaluated by the appropriate teaching department.
I am a newly admitted student for the upcoming Fall term and I applied for transfer credits using the self-service application. Can my No Rule applications be evaluated before I accept my Offer of Admission?
  • Your applications are processed after May 1
  • No Rule applications are only evaluated after you accept your Offer of Admission.  
  • We recommend collecting your course outlines and uploading them for evaluation after your applications are processed.
I received a Generic Transfer Credit (e.g. LAW GEN) but wanted a Transfer Credit for a Required Course for my program (e.g. LAW 122). Why was the Required Course not granted? What can I do with this generic Transfer Credit?
  • When an incoming course is assessed for equivalency, normally a specific Ryerson course is established as equivalent Transfer Credit. 
  • In circumstances where a specific Transfer Credit cannot be established, sometimes a Generic Transfer Credit is established as equivalent Transfer Credit.      
  • For example, LAW GEN is granted when the incoming course is not directly equivalent to LAW 122. 
I completed a two semester course but was only granted one Transfer Credit. Should this not be equivalent to two Credits?
  • A full-year course is eligible for two Transfer Credits, however, only one Credit may be granted if the course content only covers the subject matter of one Ryerson course.
  • If you feel that an additional Credit may be overlooked by the evaluator you may submit a Transfer Credit Reassessment to have the Application reconsidered.
I disagree with the transfer credit decision I received. Can I request a Reassessment?
Can a course be considered for a Liberal Studies credit if it does not meet the writing requirement?

No. All courses must meet the writing requirement to be considered for a Liberal Studies credit.

I took my courses more than 10 years ago. Can I still apply for Transfer Credits?
  • Ryerson considers most courses for transfer credit, regardless of how long ago they were completed.  
  • Since course content is subject to change over time and in order to meet current curriculum, accreditation and learning outcome requirements, some courses completed 10 or more years ago may not be recognized for transfer credit. For example, Computer Science, Nursing, Media Studies, etc.
How do I get a Transfer Credit removed from my Transfer Credit Report?
  • Submit your request via email to using your Ryerson email.
  • You must reference your student ID number and name, and indicate the Ryerson credit(s) you would like have removed from your record.

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