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Determine credit applicability towards your program


While the transfer credits on your Transfer Credit Report will reflect faculty approved equivalent credits, they may not all be relevant to your program requirements.  Understanding your Transfer Credit Report and determining how granted transfer credits apply towards your program requirements ensures that all eligible transfer credits are ‘counting’ towards your program requirements.

View my Academic Advisement Report

Please note: This report is available to newly admitted students after August 1. 

  • The Academic Advisement Report (AA Report) is a tool for Undergraduate degree students which provides an audit of your progress-to-date for meeting graduation requirements.
  • The AA Report shows how your transfer credits fulfil your degree requirement.
  • Transfer credits that are not being applied to meeting your degree requirements will appear in the non-applicable courses section of the AA Report
  • For more information about AA Reports visit the Curriculum Advising website
Why are some credits not being applied to my degree requirements?
  • Some transfer credits you receive (including generic course credits - GEN) may not apply towards your program requirements automatically.  This is common for programs with multiple majors, plans or streams.
  • If courses with similar subject areas are listed in your Professional, Professionally-Related or Open Elective tables, request approval from your program department to have credits directed toward these requirements by applying for a Course Exception
  • Too many Liberal Studies credits were granted - if the incoming course is eligible to be considered for a Required, Professional, Professionally-Related or Open Elective course in your program, submit a Transfer Credit Reassessment
  • Some Liberal Studies credit may be restricted for your program - review the Liberal Studies restrictions tables for your program in the Undergraduate Calendar.  If the granted credit is on the restriction table, and you can identify an equivalent Required, Professional, Professionally-Related or Open Elective course for your program, submit a Transfer Credit Reassessment


How can I follow up and ensure all possible Transfer Credits are used to meet my degree requirements?
  • Attend your program’s orientation session and contact your program advisors early
  • Your program advisors can help you determine if any of the non-applicable courses in your AA Report can be directed toward your program requirements so that they “count” toward your program requirements.
  • Submit a Course Exception (Directive/Substitution) form.
  • Please note;
    • Generic course credits (GEN) cannot be directed to meet Liberal Studies course requirements.
    • Lower Level (Table A) Liberal Studies Credits cannot be directed/substituted for Upper Level (Table B) Credits

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