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Transfer Credit Reassessment


Every effort has been made to provide you with accurate Transfer Credit results.  Occasionally, some of the decisions made may not be what you expected.


Why were some of my courses not approved for Transfer Credit
  • Course was not completed at an accredited institution.
  • Course did not satisfy the minimum grade requirement.
  • Course does not meet the minimum course weight and/or course hours requirement.
  • Course completed was not a degree-level status course (e.g. was completed as a diploma or certificate-level status course).
  • Course content/currency not relevant to program requirements e.g. course may have been completed 10 or more years ago.  If content was e.g. Technical – pedagogical requirements have since changed.
What is the criteria for requesting a Transfer Credit Reassessment?
  • If your Transfer Credit applications were denied for reasons other than the ones listed above.
  • If you received a Liberal Studies credit that is not applicable to your program requirement.
  • If you strongly believe that the Liberal Studies criteria was met by the course you completed.
  • If you received a credit but strongly believe that the incoming course is equivalent to another Ryerson course in your program.
How to request a Reassessment of my Transfer Credit decision
  • If you wish to have your Transfer Credit decision reassessed, we advise you to do so promptly.  
  • Reassessment request must be submitted within one year of the original results being issued.
  • Reassessments received after this period are subject to the Transfer Credit Late Fee.
  • You must submit a complete Reassessment package for each course you wish to have reassessed. 
  • Each Reassessment package should include;
  1. Transfer Credit Decision Reassessment form – The form must indicate the Ryerson course for which you wish to have your Reassessment considered - outlining similarities in course content and level between the courses
  2. Detailed course outline
  • Please email each Reassessment package as one PDF attachment to with the subject line, “Transfer Credit Reassessment request for ‘Ryerson course code’ student ID’” (e.g. Transfer Credit Reassessment request for ABC100 500123456).  
Reassessment Decisions
  • The receipt of your Reassessment request will appear on the comments section of your Transfer Credit Report on RAMSS.
  • The original Transfer Credit results will remain on your Transfer Credit report until a final Reassessment decision is made by the faculty evaluator.
  • If a Transfer Credit is granted for your Reassessment request, then the Transfer Credit report will be updated.  Otherwise, the original decision remains in your Transfer Credit report.
  • Reassessment requests can take up to 8 weeks for a decision from the time a complete Reassessment package is received.
  • If your Transfer Credit Reassessment request is unsuccessful, subsequent Reassessment requests will not be considered.

Mailing Address:

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Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Phone: 416-598-5959
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