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Certificate in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management

The contributions of the nonprofit and voluntary sector to the well-being of Canadians have never been greater.  The challenges have also never been more urgent.  The Chang School has created this distinctive, interdisciplinary certificate program in response to a growing demand for education that focuses on the specialized needs of the nonprofit and voluntary sector.  It is affiliated with Ryerson’s Centre for Voluntary Sector Studies, which provides a dynamic link to the sector through research, consultation, and educational programming.

Visit the Chang School for more information on the Certificate in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management

For more information contact:  Caryl Arundel, Academic Coordinator, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management at

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Symposium on New Ideas for the NonProfit Sector
CVSS hosted a symposium on New Ideas for the Nonprofit Sector: Insights from North America and Europe March 18. Click here for a video of the symposium. For the individual presentations:
- Dr. Jon Van Til
- Dr. Gabor Hegyesi
- Dr. Ferenc Farkas

On January 9, Ontario policy officials attended a seminar to discuss findings from CVSS’s recent pan-Canadian research study on immigrant integration and inclusion. Click here to see an expanded version of the Ontario presentation.

quickfacts did you know?
  • More than 2 million Canadians worked in Canada’s 161,227 nonprofit and voluntary organizations in 2003 --  11% of Canada’s workers.
  • The sector posted $106.4 billion revenues in 2008 -- 7.1% of Canada’s total GDP.
  • Nearly 24 million Canadians donated an average $446 each to nonprofits and charities in 2010, or a total  $10.6 billion.
  • Some 13.3 million individuals -- 47% of Canadians -- volunteered 2.1 billion hours in 2010,  the equivalent of almost 1.1 million full-time jobs.
  • 1% of nonprofits accounted for 58% of revenues, 49% of paid staff, and 20% of volunteer placements in the sector in 2003. These were primarily hospitals, universities and colleges.
  • 54% of sector organizations had no paid staff in 2003.
  • 63% of sector organizations had revenues less than $100,000 in 2003.
  • Just over half of the sector’s organizations were registered charities in 2003.
  • Core non-profits – excluding hospitals, universities, and colleges – posted $35.4 billion in 2008 – 2.4% of Canada’s total GDP.

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