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About Us

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Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst helps Canadians and Canadian companies seize the opportunities and tackle the challenges of cybersecurity. The Catalyst collaborates with industry, governments and academic partners, and leverages the full expertise and capabilities of Ryerson University’s staff and faculty. The Catalyst is a not-for-profit corporation owned and operated by Ryerson University and based in Brampton, ON.

The Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Program, opens in new window

  • Our Program is a 20-week intensive cybersecurity training and certification program designed to give promising learners from diverse backgrounds the skills they need to launch careers in the cybersecurity sector.
  • Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst created the Program in partnership with SANS, the world’s leading cybersecurity training and certification firm. The Program is supported through the generous partnership of the Government of Canada, Rogers Communications, and Royal Bank of Canada.
  • In partnership with the DMZ at Ryerson, Canada’s world-leading campus-based technology accelerator, the Catalyst will establish a first-in-Canada technology accelerator program solely committed to supporting Canadian cybersecurity scale-ups.
  • The cybersecurity accelerator program will provide critical assistance to help these early stage cybersecurity firms succeed: workspace, support, mentorship and access to clients and advisors. 
  • The Catalyst will act as the hub of a network, facilitating applied R&D partnerships between leading academic experts from across Canada and private sector firms, including SMEs, that need practical solutions to cybersecurity problems.
  • The Catalyst will leverage Ryerson’s expertise across its faculties and schools, including the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Community Services and Faculty of Communication and Design, to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to solving cybersecurity problems that arise from human behaviors and ethical decision-making. 

The Catalyst will act as a key resource, information partner and convener. The Catalyst will (1) create and distribute accessible and easy-to-use best-practice resources, in particular for SMEs; (2) provide industry-wide leadership--hosting conferences, roundtables and seminars on a wide variety of cybersecurity topics; and (3) bring together leaders from government, business and academia to discuss matters of pressing importance.