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Catalyst Cyber Camp

About the Catalyst Cyber Camp

Catalyst Cyber Camp is an engaging and exciting virtual cybersecurity learning program for Brampton youth. Campers are immersed in solving cybersecurity challenges, in a competitive and fun virtual environment. The Camp introduces youth to cybersecurity as a career path while showing them how to protect themselves and their data online.

The Camp is a series of digital challenges within a fun and interactive storyline, containing more than 400 hours of cutting-edge games, activities and puzzles. The challenges increase in complexity as the game progresses. Campers participate entirely online, from their own homes and have the opportunity to compete to collect point and win prizes. Regularly scheduled webinars, “tips and tricks” sessions, and technical support will be available. There are no in-person activities.

Catalyst Cyber Camp is presented by the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst at Ryerson University, in partnership with SANS Institute, Rogers Communications and City of Brampton. 

Eligibility and Requirements

Catalyst Cyber Camp is free of charge and the 2020 program is now open until September 4th. Five hundred young people (ages 13 to 18) from Brampton will be eligible to enroll in the program on a first-come-first-served basis and learn cybersecurity for free with CyberStart Game.

Catalyst Cyber Camp is created to be accessible and enjoyable by campers at all skill levels. Campers don’t need any pre-existing knowledge or skills in technology or cybersecurity to participate. The only requirement is a computer with internet access.

For more information about The Catalyst Cyber Camp, visit the website by clicking on the button below!