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If you have any questions regarding The Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Program please contact our recruitment team:

Charles Finlay
Executive Director
416-315-0694, opens in new window

Heather Adam
Director of Strategic Operations
416-276-5832, opens in new window

Sumit Bhatia
Director, Communications and Knowledge Mobilization
416-624-9807, opens in new window

Rushmi Hasham Dua
Director, Certification and Training
437-234-3905, opens in new window

Trish Dyl
Director of Partnerships
416-979-5000 ext. 544399, opens in new window

Chris Salvatore
Manager of Cyber Accelerator Programs
437-248-7379, opens in new window

Jennifer Yang
Manager, Finance
437-245-1217, opens in new window

Lauren Eikerman
Executive Assistant and Project Manager
647-285-0937, opens in new window 

Rea Nero
Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement Lead
437-230-2476, opens in new window

Roxana Rozembaigher
Recruitment and Admissions Specialist, Certification and Training
416-294-9683, opens in new window

Juliana Scharrer
Employment Specialist, Certification and Training
416-902-2582, opens in new window