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SANS Catalyst Community Courses

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About the Community Courses

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst at Ryerson University and SANS Institute are proud to offer a cybersecurity training program specifically designed for Canadian cybersecurity professionals. The SANS Catalyst Community Courses combine a selection of SANS' most popular courses with the Catalyst’s unique Canadian Perspective Workshops, to deliver best-in-class cybersecurity training to experienced cybersecurity professionals and those new to the sector.

For an additional fee, the SANS Catalyst Community Courses experience can be expanded to include the Catalyst Cyber Range, opens in new window – a real-world environment training experience that includes the latest cybersecurity technology. The Catalyst Cyber Range is a leading-edge technology platform that enables users to train in a variety of ultra-realistic cyberattack scenarios using network environments that closely simulate their own. The Catalyst Cyber Range provides an opportunity for valuable experiential learning that can align with and reinforce course curriculum, including concepts delivered in Catalyst Corporate Training SANS courses.

While COVID-19 restrictions are in place, the SANS Catalyst Community Courses are delivered live-online; when the restrictions are lifted, the Courses will be delivered from the Catalyst’s facilities in downtown Brampton and downtown Toronto, Ontario.

Cybersecurity Operations Training Track

Building your cybersecurity operations team

SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp. Your junior team members will get expert insights from SANS instructors that build upon their existing cybersecurity education and skills. Not just for the novice, these courses help create a strong foundation of knowledge and capabilities, as well as establish a baseline understanding across your team.

Catalyst Exclusive: Cybersecurity in Canadian Organizations

  • With each SEC401 seat purchased, your participating team members are invited to a half-day workshop that builds upon course content, Cybersecurity in Canadian Organizations. This workshop discusses differences between U.S. and Canadian cybersecurity practices within organizations, and will help learners develop an appreciation for business risk and compliance requirements in the Canadian context.

SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling. This course lifts your operators into first responder roles in support of cybersecurity incident handling. Having everyone on your team competent in these skills and armed with this knowledge builds good bench strength; and offers you flexibility and adaptability in incident detection, response and mitigations.

Catalyst Exclusive: Cybersecurity Incident Handling in Canadian Organizations

  • With each SEC504 seat purchased, your participating team members are invited to a half-day workshop Cybersecurity Incident Handling in Canada. This workshop expands on the Canadian aspects of incident handling and cybersecurity operations practice, drawing distinctions  between cybersecurity and cyber operations in Canada.

FOR508: Advanced Incident Response, Threat Hunting and Digital Forensics. This training can bring your cybersecurity team to the next level in incident response, including threat hunting and active response while under attack. Further, your team will gain more insight into sophisticated and persistent threat actors.

Catalyst Exclusive: Digital Forensics in Canadian Organizations

  • With each FOR508 seat purchased, your participating team members are invited to a half-day workshop Digital Forensics in Canada. This Workshop explores the evaluation and application of Canadian cybersecurity intelligence in an organizational setting and will help learners interpret legal, regulatory and ethical responsibilities associated with active defence techniques, including reporting to local authorities.

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