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Ryecast can be used to provide live lecture, seminar, and event broadcasts as well as provide a home for streaming video and audio on demand.

  • Live streaming & broadcasting
  • Capture, record and stream both lectures and events

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Getting Started 

Please visit Get Started in Ryecast.

About 

The Ryecast service is provided by Ryerson University's Computing and Communications Services. The following services are offered by Ryecast:

  • Videoconferencing: Participate in live meetings and presentations with a small group of people located worldwide using specialized equipment. Remote users can also participate by using specialized software.
  • Web Conferencing: Reach a large audience in live meetings and presentations using a web browser.
  • Web Streaming: Capture of lectures, seminars, events and conference sessions, that may include slides, video, audio, and audience participation for live and on-demand streaming.
  • Podcasting: Deliver a series of audio or video files which subscribers can download using a computer or a portable device such as an iPod.
  • Content Hosting: Do you already have audio or video content which you would like hosted on-line? Get Started on Ryecast.

Live Streaming in the Classroom 

There are different forms of videos that can be viewed online.  For example, a video of a live lecture that can be viewed live via the Internet (often called as live streaming or webcasting) or the recording of it being viewed at a later time (often called as on demand).

Recording your lectures allows students who are unable to attend class to have an opportunity to catch up and not worry about missing important content. Additionally, it provides all students (even those who were in attendance) an opportunity to review the lecture as needed and serves as a great way of delivering explanations of difficult concepts.

Support 

For help in using Ryecast services, including videoconferencing, web conferencing, web streaming, podcasting and content hosting, please contact:

  • Email:
  • Faculty & Staff Support: (416) 979 - 5000 ext. 556806