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Digital Skills and Innovation for the Global Economy

Ryerson University’s ‘Digital Skills and Innovation for the Global Economy’ (EID 100/CEID 100) is the one course all students should take to maximize their potential in the digital economy. This degree-credit elective course (in participating programs) is designed for students, graduates, and professionals aiming to fully utilize cutting-edge digital technology and apply it to their areas of specialization.

Offered every term, this course is offered in-class (EID 100 Fall and Winter; CEID 100 Spring/Summer) or online (CEID 100). 

‘Digital Skills and Innovation for the Global Economy’ (EID 100/CEID 100) is a digital literacy course that will provide you with the essential digital skill set you need to increase your employability and succeed in a competitive economic landscape. Through hands-on usage of the tools we discuss (blogs, wikis, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), you will learn everything from how to set up a professional online profile and create dynamic online presentations, to digital video editing and basic HTML. We will also discuss the political and economic implications of the new technologies that are part of our daily lives. This online course covers such a variety of concepts that everybody can learn something new. Dr. Jaigris Hodson, EID 100 Course Designer

Check out the latest tweets on #EID100 and #CEID100, as well as a video interview with Jaigris Hodson, Course Designer.

NEW! Offered in cooperation with Ryerson's School of Image Arts, The Chang School's Certificate in Digital Art Production will allow you to create original content for digital applications. This certificate is the only program in Canada offering a combination of applied creative and digital courses at the university degree-credit level in a flexible, part-time program. EID 100/CEID 100 can be taken as an elective course in this certificate.
Who should enroll

This course is intended for students from a wide range of backgrounds. For students and recent graduates, the course provides the essential digital skill set that you need to increase your employability. For mid-career learners, it provides an upgrade to your digital skill set that will help you remain competitive.

Course Design

EID 100/CEID 100 will introduce you to the use of computers, the Internet, and an extensive set of digital tools in order to help you develop a working knowledge of digital technologies, and learn techniques for assessing various forms of knowledge media intended for a wide variety of disciplines. You will be expected to explore and understand the appropriate use of digital technologies, critically review the role of technology and media in career development and the broader society, and demonstrate an understanding of how digital media can be integrated into your own projects and processes or those of the industry sector.

This course is specifically designed to provide a core foundation to enhance digital integration into any discipline. Uniquely applied with entrepreneurship and innovation in mind, EID 100/CEID 100 blends theory and practical application.

Your Instructors

Our teaching team shares their applied and scholarly expertise. Each section of EID 100/CEID 100 will be taught by one of the following instructors:

AHMED SAGARWALA: Instructor, EID 100

Ahmed Raza Sagarwala (BTech, MDM) is a tech MacGyver that laces together hardware and software systems to create solutions. He has an in-depth understanding of how digital technologies function and integrate into our everyday lives. As a consultant, Ahmed assists organizations with their digital communications and workflows.

At the age of 5, Ahmed wrote his first program on a Commodore 64. His pursuit for an understanding of computing systems led him to release his first website in 1996 and build his first computer in 1998. His company, Artform, was established in 2001 and currently develops web-based systems that automate communications. 

In 2015, Ahmed was the recipient of the Dennis Mock Graduate Scholarship and a graduate of Ryerson University's Master of Digital Media program. His graduate studies research focused on energy disaggregation, signal processing algorithms, and home automation. He currently teaches courses on design, development, and entrepreneurship at Ryerson. He also conducts seminars and workshops at VBEC (Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre) on social media and entrepreneurship.

Research interests include web technologies, user-experience design, traffic automation, networked systems, embedded processors, empowerment through programming, open-source development, communication protocols, and cryptography.


GUY HOSKINS: Instructor, CEID 100

Guy Hoskins (BA, University of Southampton; MA, York University) is a PhD student in the joint Communication and Culture program hosted by York University and Ryerson University. Prior to commencing his graduate studies, Guy had several years of experience in business development within magazine publishing and retail brand marketing, both in the UK and Canada. His MA research focused on a case study of the online advocacy network as a model for a transnational public sphere. While completing his Master’s degree Guy also undertook a field placement at Greenpeace Canada in order to devise a social media content evaluation system for the NGO’s communications team. His current research uses his experience working in Latin America and fluency in Spanish and Portuguese to examine the role of social media in the politics of emerging democracies.

Guy is the previous recipient of an Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2011), a graduate of the Oxford University Internet Institute’s Summer Doctoral Program (2013) and the current holder of a Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders' Fellowship. Outside of academic life Guy is an in-school mentor with the Big Brothers and Sisters Organization of Canada and is the Media and Sponsorship Coordinator for the International Diaspora Film Festival.

Research interests include the socio-cultural impacts of social networking sites; media democracy; digital activism; digital access policy; ICT4D; the public sphere; and social movements in the Global South.

Course Details

Credit: Degree Credit
Duration: 39 hours

For EID 100 (in-class offering Fall and Winter) scheduling and fee information, consult RAMSS or contact

For CEID 100 (online offering year-round; in-class offering Spring/Summer) scheduling and fee information, visit the Chang School website.

Student Testimonials

"I learned a lot about the different tools that are available through social media. And no matter what program you’re in, you’ll learn a lot from it…Social media is an incredible importance in our lives. Companies are looking for people who have experienced knowledge in that field and it definitely makes you an asset."
Oscar H. – The Ryersonian article (April 2013)

"The major bonus to this class is the amount of hands-on learning you are doing. You are not just reading a book or seeing presentations on how applications are made or how a PSA is built, but you are creating them yourself and getting that valuable experience."
Pamela L. – article (March 2013)

Ready to enroll?

Undergraduate students at Ryerson University may enroll in EID 100/CEID 100 directly through RAMSS.

Continuing education students may enroll in CEID 100 through the Chang School website.

Note: Students who are not registered in an undergraduate program at Ryerson University and wish to enroll in the in-class offering of EID 100 require permission to enroll. Complete an application form (PDF) and email it along with a brief introduction of yourself to


For more information on EID 100, email

For more information on CEID 100, email