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Dimensions Director

Professor Art Blake

Art Blake

Professor, Department of History

Art Blake (PhD) is an interdisciplinary scholar whose research and teaching addresses issues of belonging and connection through U.S. urban and cultural history, with particular interests in race, gender, communications and sexuality. Art's commitment to EDI values in post-secondary education stems from 40+ years of engagement with social justice politics in the U.K., U.S. and Canada. He also draws on his lived experience as a queer, transgender man who transitioned from female to male while at Ryerson. His current research project is a transnational history of cross-dressing organizations and communication networks in the U.K., U.S. and Canada after 1960.

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Administrative Assistant

Vinofa Muthulingam

Vinofa Muthulingam

Vinofa Muthulingam is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in the Immigration and Settlement Studies program under the Yeates School of Graduate Studies. She is also an alumna of Ryerson's Law and Business program with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and has a certificate in Community Engagement through the Chang School of Continuing Education. As a woman of colour, she recognizes the importance of representation in academic research and cultures, and as a proud alumna of Ryerson, she is excited to assist with this project in hopes of creating inclusive research spaces and to bring transformative change for the better.

Data Analyst

Megha Saini

Megha Saini

Megha Saini has a bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering from Chandigarh Engineering College. She has a passion for revealing hidden stories in data and sharing those with the world to trigger much-needed change. From her experience of living and working in three different countries, she knows the importance of an inclusive society and how people like her can only thrive if they are accepted for who they are and not because they belong to a particular gender or race.

Professor Rupa Banerjee

Rupa Banerjee

Dimensions Faculty Chair, Ted Rogers School of Management 
Associate Professor, School of Business Management

Rupa Banerjee (PhD) strives to incorporate equity, diversity and inclusion into all aspects of her work, including teaching, research and service. All of her courses include discussions of power and privilege in employment and society. Her research program examines the relationship between the perception of racial discrimination in the workplace and objective wage discrimination, and she has conducted studies examining the systemic barriers facing racialized immigrants. Currently, she is working on a five-year study examining the impact that recent changes to Canada’s skilled immigration policy have had on the labour market outcomes of newcomers.  

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Professor Imogen Coe

Imogen Coe

Dimensions Faculty Chair, Faculty of Science
Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biology

Imogen R. Coe (PhD) is an affiliate scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital, where her research group studies the cell biology of proteins responsible for the uptake of anti-cancer drugs. She is the President of the Canadian Molecular Biosciences Society and sits on various boards related to health and science. In addition to her research work, Imogen has published and speaks regularly on integrating principles of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA) into science and medicine. She has advised academia, government and industry on best practices and was involved in initial work to establish the Dimensions program in Canada.

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Professor Seth Dworkin

Seth Dworkin

Dimensions Faculty Chair, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Seth Dworkin (PhD) is the Canada Research Chair in High-Performance Computing for Sustainable Energy and the Principal Investigator of the Emerging New Green Technologies in Energy and Combustion (ENGTEC) lab. His research focuses on understanding combustion emissions to reduce and eliminate various sources of air pollution, and on developing new technologies for sustainable heating and air conditioning. To strengthen the knowledge base in these areas, he teaches courses in combustion fundamentals, thermodynamics and computational fluid dynamics. 

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Professor Reem El Asaleh

Reem El Asaleh

Dimensions Faculty Chair, The Creative School
Associate Professor, School of Graphic Communications Management

Reem El Asaleh (PhD) has produced several publications that elaborate on colour characterization and server technology innovations in the graphic arts industry. Currently, she is researching the challenges in adapting innovative technology such as AI applications in the graphic arts industry. As a woman who faces the challenge of balancing teaching, research and service work with raising three children, she hopes that the Dimensions program will support those in similar situations who are doubling their efforts to match more privileged faculty in similar positions.

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Ann Ludbrook

Dimensions Faculty Chair, Library
Copyright and Scholarly Engagement Librarian & Research Lead, Ryerson Library

Ann Ludbrook (MLIS, MA) is currently on the CARL Open Education Working Group,, external link and the CFLA Copyright Committee, external link. Her research interests include Open Education, Copyright, and issues surrounding Copyright and Indigenous Knowledge in the context of libraries and archives. Ann hopes that the Dimensions pilot will shed light on obstacles equity-deserving groups at Ryerson face when doing research, and provide transformative solutions to better address inequities.

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Hyacinth Simpson

Dimensions Faculty Chair, Faculty of Arts 
Associate Professor, Department of English

Dr. Hyacinth Simpson (she/her) is an associate professor in the Department of English and the Dimensions Faculty Chair in the Faculty of Arts. Dr. Simpson’s research expertise in postcolonial, Caribbean, migration and diaspora, and Black Canadian studies as well as her lived experience as a Black woman in academia inform her EDI-focused work as a Dimensions Faculty Chair.

In the years she has worked at XU, Dr. Simpson has sought to understand, model, and encourage perspectives and behaviors that result in more equitable outcomes. Dr. Simpson welcomes the opportunities she has as a member of the Dimensions Pilot team to help bring about meaningful change in the research cultures at XU and in the way community members undertake and disseminate their research. 

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Kathryn Underwood

Dimensions Faculty Chair, Faculty of Community Services
Professor, School of Early Childhood Studies

Kathryn Underwood's work over the last 20 years has been with community initiated programs of research in early childhood services and professional practice. Informed by disabled childhoods and parent and family experiences, she is interested in social institutions, including universities, and their role in responding to broader social questions of equity, diversity and inclusion. Research policy and standards have both facilitated and hindered her partnerships, but she believes these institutional processes can be enhanced to ensure that researchers are able to engage with critical social questions, that are ethically connected to community.

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Professor Nancy Walton

Nancy Walton

Dimensions Faculty Chair, Yeates School of Graduate Studies
Associate Dean, Student Affairs, Yeates School of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Nancy Walton (PhD) is currently the Chair of the Research Ethics Board at Women’s College Hospital and the Deputy Chair and Ethicist on the Research Ethics Boards for both Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. She has also served as Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister of the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. Her research explores the experiences of parenting children with disabilities, the ethical considerations in the use of technologies and innovations in health care, and moral courage.

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Sohail Shahidnia

Sohail Shahidnia is a second-year PhD student in Policy Studies. He is currently a research assistant working on projects with several Ryerson faculty members, investigating the relationship between the pandemic and immigration, the experiences of refugees in Canada, and challenges faced by international students during the pandemic. Sohail is interested in helping to identify and eliminate obstacles and inequalities faced by underrepresented and disadvantaged groups.  

Sylvie Antoun

Sylvie Antoun (PhD) is a postdoctoral fellow in Mechanical Engineering whose research addresses energy/housing needs of communities historically underserved due to climate-related injustices. Her current project is focused on developing sustainable energy-solutions that mitigates the negative environmental impacts in remote areas affected by extreme and changing climates. Sylvie has a passion for taking on initiatives that impart on her knowledge and lived experiences as a female in STEM, and seeks to curb the inequities in research and technology.

Madeline McQueen

Madeline McQueen is a second year masters student studying aerospace engineering. Her research aims to make a more sustainable future for the aviation industry through the implementation of hybrid electric and fully electric aircraft. Madeline is passionate about creating a more diverse research environment in STEM fields. She believes that promoting EDI is crucial in an academic environment to produce the most successful graduates and researchers.

Anika Shafi 

Anika Shafi is a fourth-year undergraduate student in Aerospace Engineering, specializing in avionics. Her research interests include optimization of aerodynamic design and issues pertaining to aircraft safety such as the role of human factors in aviation accidents. As a woman, immigrant and racialized person in STEM, the objectives and values of the Dimensions Pilot resonate deeply with her. She hopes to develop the skills necessary to provide meaningful, transformative mentorship to visible minorities in STEM. 

Shweta Lad

Shweta Lad is a first-year PhD candidate in Biomedical Physics researching the formation of lipid-based lyotropic liquid crystalline structures. Her goal is to become a certified medical physicist working in a cancer research centre to improve medical treatments. As a South Asian woman, she has had to overcome many challenges to pursue a PhD in biomedical physics, and she hopes to learn more about the challenges that other groups might be facing.

Talia Emanuel

Talia Emanuel is a master’s student in Science Management. She believes that research is strengthened when people from diverse backgrounds are empowered to participate. Her experience navigating higher education with type 1 diabetes has informed her own research into invisible disabilities within the workplace and academia. She is a graduate of the Scotiabank Career Builder program and volunteers with “I Challenge Diabetes,” an organization that builds community among people with type 1 diabetes through experiential education.

Cindy Wang

Cindy Wang is a fourth-year undergraduate student in Human Resources Management who is passionate about exploring the differentiation of the strategic HR practices exercised by capitalist and communist systems. She is exploring how their formations are rooted in the context of cultural backgrounds and societal forces. She is excited to be a part of the Dimensions Pilot, which she feels could mitigate the lag between voicing support of equity and taking action to realize it.

Francesco Collura

Francesco (Frankie) Collura is a second-year PhD student in the Joint York-Ryerson Program in Communication and Culture. An intersectional sports scholar, Frankie’s research examines the cultural experiences of queer soccer players to assess inclusive/exclusive policies across North America and Europe. Frankie’s work aims to promote and implement inclusive policy change across the broader soccer landscape. Frankie has joined the Dimensions Pilot program to put theory-based research into action to create positive social change across the institution.

Raedah Khan

Raedah Khan is an undergraduate student of Professional Communication at Ryerson in her first year. She has a passion for speaking up for silenced voices and wanted to bring representation of all marginalized communities to the public. Her goal is to make everyone feel as though they are heard while providing a feeling of community, especially after the pandemic left everyone with a sense of isolation. The Dimensions program is the perfect opportunity to connect with like minded individuals as it prioritizes awareness to social issues that are otherwise shoved under a rug.

Naomi Adelson, Associate Vice-President, Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation

Jason Boyd, Associate Professor, Department of English

Eliza Chandler, Assistant Professor, School of Disability Studies 

Kathryn Church, Associate Professor, Department of Disability Studies

Imogen Coe, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biology

Rachel DiSaia, Strategic Initiatives and Policy Advisor, Yeates School of Graduate Studies

Lorena Escandon, Assistant Professor, School of Creative Industries 

Tamar Myers, Director, Research, Planning and Assessment, Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion

Nicole Neverson, Professor, Department of Sociology

Medhat Shehata, Interim Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science; Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Cheryl Teelucksingh, Professor & Department Chair, Department of Sociology

Fangmin Wang, Head of Library Information Technology Services 

Heather Willis, Accessibility Coordinator, Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion

Professor Kathryn Church

Kathryn Church

Dimensions Faculty Chair, Faculty of Community Services 2020-2021
Associate Professor, School of Disability Studies

Over four decades, Kathryn Church (PhD) has maintained a program of critical inquiry into the ways that “normalcy” organizes social life, paying particular attention to the vibrant resistances of Mad Studies. As a feminist, Kathryn leans to non-standard methodologies: political autobiography, institutional ethnography, objects, materials and public exhibition. She is currently researching the ways that standard practices of university management contribute to ableism/sanist outcomes for both individuals and programs. She joined Ryerson after a decade as an independent researcher for/with psychiatric survivor organizations in Toronto and internationally.

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Professor Cheryl Teelucksingh

Cheryl Teelucksingh

Dimensions Faculty Chair, Faculty of Arts 2020-2021
Professor, Department of Sociology

Over the last 20 years, Cheryl Teelucksingh (PhD) has examined the relationship between environmental justice in Canada and social inequality in the urban context through numerous publications and funded research projects. One of her current projects explores how proponents and activists of environmental justice can strategically and effectively implement smart city initiatives in Black spaces in Canadian cities. Another project examines social capital and perception of community among the Black upper class in Toronto. Cheryl is also a member of the Yeates School of Graduate Studies.

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Josel Angelica Gerardo

Josel Angelica Gerardo is in her fourth year in Politics and Governance. As a young scholar, Josel’s goal is to contribute an intersectional perspective to research regarding racial and women’s representation in Canadian and South East Asian politics and law. Currently, Josel is a Research Assistant for the Ryerson Women in the House course and also the President of the Ryerson Liberal Arts Society (RLAS). Josel is passionate about creating dialogues and innovative practices to increase EDI.


Mir Asoh

Mir Asoh is a fourth year Creative Industries student with a module focus on ‘Acting & Dance’ and ‘Storytelling In Media’. Additionally, Mir is a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in collage art, zine-making and poetry. Outside of school, Mir is working on a research project entitled, Gender Variant Africa, which explores traditional and revered gender variances across the African continent. Their interest in the Dimensions Pilot Program stems from a desire to further investigate and engage with EDI research development and initiatives within post-secondary institutions.


Aneesh Tarun

Aneesh Tarun is a postdoctoral fellow at the Synaesthetic Media Lab in the RTA School of Media. Aneesh's research is in the area of human-computer interaction. Aneesh designs novel computing interfaces and tools to support tangible and embodied interactions for computational discovery, classroom learning, remote collaboration and storytelling. Working on the Dimensions program is an opportunity for Aneesh to understand the challenges faced by underrepresented groups when working in research teams and to help build frameworks at the university level to overcome such challenges.


Anum Khan

Anum Khan is a second-year master’s student in Civil Engineering who co-developed the Ryerson Flushability Lab. She is an activist for all things water and currently oversees a youth-led, non-profit initiative, Water for the World, stemming from Engineers Without Borders, where she helps students raise awareness about local and international water challenges. She is dedicated to stronger inclusiveness and equitable research activities and works to promote EDI-related practices through dialogue.


Mithila Jeganathan

Mithila is in her final year of pursuing an honour's bachelor degree in biology. She currently serves as the President for Science+, a student group advocating for marginalized individuals within STEM. As a young woman of colour in STEM, she wishes to help apply EDI principles to ensure everyone who is involved in STEM feel as they belong. In the future, she aspires to pursue a career in health care where she can pursue her love for biology and simultaneously work with her community to create positive change. 


Fatema Rashid

Fatema Rashid (PhD) is completing her postdoctoral fellowship at Ryerson, exploring the horizons for user and event behaviour analytics using machine learning. She is also studying the paradigm of differential privacy to solve the current needs of data security and privacy. Her doctoral research was on secure data deduplication in cloud environments. She teaches computer science courses at Ryerson University and Centennial College.

Kamal Al-Solaylee, Associate Professor, School of Journalism