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Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation changes disability studies with endowed Post Doctoral Fellowship.

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About the School

DST 99 graduating student panel, 2007

The School of Disability Studies provides part-time university education to adults with a college diploma in the disability field or other related post-secondary academic credentials and work experience in a diverse range of fields. At the end of the equivalent of approximately two years of full time study, students will receive a Bachelor of Arts, (Disability Studies) from Ryerson University.

Students engage in core courses which familiarize them with the multidisciplinary field of disability studies, with emphasis on social policy, leadership, community development, arts, culture and technology, ethics, human rights, social justice and the politics of practice. These courses inform students’ advanced study in research methods and culminate in a final Independent Study. A broad range of electives support students’ professional and scholarly development.

In order to promote access for people from across Ontario (and perhaps elsewhere), all required courses will be available either as intensive on-site courses or through distance education. Some of these courses will also be available in traditional once-a-week class formats at Ryerson. Students registering for this degree program will need to be aware that they may be required to take up to three courses in the intensive on-site format, each course typically extending over a period of two weeks. Students will be able to take elective courses at Ryerson or, with a Letter of Permission, at other universities. The flexible modes of delivery that characterize this program will also facilitate access by people with disabilities.

Successful students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (Disability Studies). Students are required to complete the program in no more than eight years. Most students will complete the program in less time by planning their course selections carefully. The completion time will vary with the number of courses taken each year, with not all courses offered each semester.