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Important dates in Ryerson's calendar.

Priority Enrollment Information for Spring/Summer 2017: PDF version or a Word version.

Course Intentions for Fall 2017-Winter 2018: PDF version or a Word version.

Registration Information for Fall 2017- Winter 2018: PDF version or a Word version.

School Policies

Grading, Promotion and Academic Standings

A grade of 'C-' or lower in DST 501, DST 502, DST 725 and DST 99A/B will result in a PROBATIONARY standing. A second consecutive 'C-' in any of these courses will result in a WITHDRAWAL standing.

Please read the explanation in the calendar for more information.

Student Financial Assistance and Awards

Tuition, Fees, OSAP, Scholarships

More Policy Information

  • Collection and Use of Personal Information: Information about the collection, use and disclosure of personal information about prospective students, applicants and current students as collected under the authority of the Ryerson University Act, 1977.
  • Important Notice: By the act of enrolling in a course of study, each undergraduate student at Ryerson agrees to observe and be bound by the terms of this notice, and the terms, conditions, regulations and policies contained in this online Calendar.
  • Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct: Information about academic integrity, non-academic conduct, community rules and regulations, course management, diversity and inclusion, and the role of the Ombudsperson.