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About us


At the Science Discovery Zone (SDZ) we help people take evidence-based approached to test big ideas and discover new ventures.

We aim to serve as a model for strong collaboration across all disciplines (not just the science ones) that fuels innovation and entrepreneurial discovery! 

What makes the SDZ stand out amongst other incubators are the unique services and opportunities we create for our community, which are geared towards fostering your goals and success! 


Exploration & Discovery

We encourage you to let the evidence lead you towards validation by providing you with the tools to explore and experiment with things that may be unfamiliar, along with the support you need for success.

Community Building

Being part of the SDZ allows you to meet new people and open up to new opportunities. You're able to set personal milestones and leverage a community willing to lift you toward them–it's the kind of collaboration you just can't get in a classroom.

Facilitating Ingenuity

Our non-traditional programs and offerings allow you to develop new and transferable skills that are specific to you and your next opportunity. The SDZ is truly a space that welcomes those with diverse educational and experiential backgrounds.

Our Membership Streams


The Participate stream is for those interested in learning and exploring something new.

You don't need an idea or startup for this stream, as the main focus is to learn how to solve problems, to meet like-minded people, and to learn about the evidence-based approach to innovation.

Stream-specific programming: socials, laser cutting & 3D printing workshops, improv classes, etc.


In the Ideate stream, members have found an idea/problem that they are passionate about solving and want to start applying their knowledge to make it a reality.

The SDZ's safe and supportive environment provides you with tools and peer-insight to accelerate your growth.

Stream-specific programs & offerings: how to series, pitching events, mentorship, socials, and access to dry and wet labs. 


Those in the Validate stream have an early-stage solution and require either business or technical support.

Here, we work as more of a traditional incubator and provide you with resources to help your company grow in its early stages. 

Stream specific programs & offerings: topical workshops, pitching events, technical and business mentorship, socials, and designated desks and/or lab spaces.