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The SDZ works to create collisions between like-minded people and to support growing talent. If you are looking for help or advice on your journey, we have a growing network of expert mentors, and a few of them are shown below.

Brent Stirling

Expertise: Performance marketing and social media

Leading social media performance marketing at Shopify. Experienced in all forms of paid and organic social, as well as multifaceted strategy building for a number of verticals and industries that include SAAS, tech startups, direct to consumer brands, hospitality, and politics. 

Agribusiness Exec.
Greg Ogiba

Expertise: Food supply chain and product development

Food and agribusiness leader working throughout the entire supply chain from developing products, securing supply with growers around the world to merchandising with North American retailers. Greg is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).

Agribusiness Exec.
Shirley Segev

Expertise: Green business coaching and consulting to SME's

Green Business Coach - assisting companies to implement ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems; delivering workshops - ISO 14001 Enivornmental Management Systems

Danielle Portnik
Danielle Portnik

Expertise: Pharmaceutical product and brand strategy

Co-founder of the first Canadian Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) Chapter. Her business-clinical expertise drives innovative partnerships and programs in the healthcare field. Danielle is also a Certified Health Executive (CHE).

John Wilby
John Wilby

Expertise: Electronics Design and Development

Designing products that meet customer needs and presenting them in such a way as to ensure confidence. Areas of expertise include: circuit design, electro-optics, metallurgy, semiconductor packaging, team management, contract negotiation, and sales.