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The Science Discovery Zone - One Year Remote

By: Luqman Rehman
March 17, 2021

Today officially marks one year since Ryerson University had to close down in light of the worsening COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite almost all communication being moved online, the SDZ and our community have been able to figure out ways to continue having meaningful conversations and connections, whether they be in our more structured programming like our Founder Sessions and SDZ Think Tanks, or our more casual events such as our Gather.Town socials! 

Many of our members took this deeply disruptive experience and used it as a time to pause and reflect on both their ventures and goals. In doing so, new progress, perspectives, and ideas were born! Whether that meant pivoting to a new idea or finding new ways to accelerate growth, our founders and members were able to take what they learned and reframe it to help propel them forward. 

Without a doubt, this year has been challenging for all of us, and there is so much each of us has lost. Here at the SDZ, we’ve missed seeing our community face to face, and sharing space, ideas and support in person. But like our startups, we’ve taken these challenges and used the time to reflect on how to better accomplish our mission. We've realized that our commitment to uplifting and serving our community will need to happen both online and offline, and while we're excited about continuing the latter, we also can't wait until we can share space with you all once more

In times of hardship, we often forget to take the time to celebrate our successes and triumphs. As a way to shine light on the progress and development of our members, we’re hosting our First Look Showcase on March 31, 2021, external link where you’ll have the opportunity to discover what our startups have been working on, hear about their experiences and ideas, and learn how they persevered.