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A Peek into our First Look Showcase

Highlighting all of the important and innovative work from SDZ Founders over the past year!
By: Ashnie Badal
April 19, 2021

A screenshot of our SDZ Hall, where we hosted our showcase

This past year has been tough for startups, but many founders at the SDZ used this time to pause and reframe a path for their company.

Within the past year, there have been drastic changes in market trends and in consumer behaviour, all of which have forced founders to rediscover the landscape they were treading a path in. And though it didn’t begin with ease, this focus revealed ways to better connect with their user groups and helped them reignite their passion as problem solvers.

To celebrate all they’ve achieved, founders at the SDZ participated in our First Look Showcase, where they were able to connect with mentors and folks from the Ryerson community about all of their great work.

But the goal for the showcase was beyond this––we wanted to get people excited about problem-solving, especially those who were new to the innovation ecosystem. After seeing the different areas SDZ founders are working in and their creative solutions, we hoped attendees would be inspired to think about how their experiences or interests could fuel their exploration.

Problems exist all around us and founders at the SDZ are finding creative and impactful solutions to address the ones they connect with. If you’re someone with an idea, a problem area you're passionate about, or you want to learn more about the innovation ecosystem, connect with us! We could be the space for you, or help you find one that is.

Want to learn more about those featured at the First Look Showcase? Check out the catalogue here!, external link, opens in new window