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Visual Representation of Diversity Data for Employees with Disabilities at Ryerson

In every meeting and hallway, there is likely someone like me. Someone with a disability you cannot see and might not know about until I ask for a heavy door to be opened, a different chair or something in a different format. Then I hope you will say “of course” because it is not about why I’m different, it’s about all of us succeeding together at Ryerson.

Anonymous employee with an invisible disability

For the purposes of the Employee Diversity Self-ID, persons with disabilities include those persons who experience disadvantage in employment due to attitudes and barriers related to long-term or episodic conditions, chronic illnesses or physical, sensory, mental/emotional health, psychiatric conditions or learning disabilities. It should be noted that the social model of disability recognizes that disability is not created by any particular medical or physical condition, but rather by societal barriers.

A few key points:

  • Terms used within the data visualizations are defined in the glossary provided.
  • Data sheets are available for download and are accessible for those using digital assistive technology.
  • Data Visualizations are best viewed on Desktops.

For those interested or require an alternate format, you can download all the data details for the Representation of Employees with Disabilities at Ryerson., external link, opens in new window