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Visual Representation of Diversity Data for Racialized Employees at Ryerson

There is a wide range of diversity within the racialized employees’ equity group, which draws attention to the ways in which different racialized groups in Canada experience disparate barriers to employment.

2018 Employee Diversity Self-ID Report

For the purposes of the Employee Diversity Self-ID, the term “racialized” includes people of colour, visible or racial minorities and people who are not White or Caucasian.

This terminology recognizes that, through the process of racialization, Western societies have created ideas of race as real, different and unequal, which negatively impacts individuals’ economic, political and social life if they are not seen as White. The three largest racialized groups in Canada identified in the 2016 Census are South Asian, Chinese and Black.

The term racialized people does not include Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, as they are a distinct equity group. The term does include, however, Indigenous people from outside of Canada, such as Maori people in New Zealand.

A few key points:

For those interested or require an alternate format, you can download all the data details for the Representation of Racialized Employees at Ryerson., external link, opens in new window