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Student Diversity Data Visualizations

Data visualizations provide details about the representation of students from five equity groups: women, racialized people, Aboriginal Peoples, persons with disabilities and 2SLGBTQ+ people, as well are representation of students from the three largest racialized groups at Ryerson and in the GTA: South Asian, Chinese and Black.

Data used in these visualizations were voluntarily provided by students who completed the Student Diversity Self-ID. Students who self-identify as a member of more than one equity group are counted under each group, and so may be counted more than once.

Explore the data

In addition to viewing the data visualizations, you can also download the data in the form of a Google Spreadsheet, which you can convert to an MS Excel file, CSV file or a number of other formats. To download each visualization’s corresponding raw data from Google Sheets to your computer, go to: File > Download > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

  • Data for women and racialized people is from the 2016 Census data for the GTA.
  • Data for Aboriginal Peoples is from the 2016 Census data for Ontario.
  • Data for persons with disabilities is from the 2017 Canadian Disability Survey for Ontario.
  • Data for 2SLGBTQ+ people is from a 2001 Toronto Health Survey. There is no Census data for this group yet.