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Wendy Cukier, MA, MBA, PhD, DU (HC), LLD (HC), MSC

Founder & Academic Director
Professor, Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Dr. Wendy Cukier is one of Canada's leading experts in disruptive technologies, innovation processes and diversity. She has written more than 200 papers on technology, innovation and management and is coauthor of the bestseller “Innovation Nation: Canadian Leadership from Java to Jurassic Park.” She is the Founder of Ryerson University’s Diversity Institute, which she founded in 1999 and has led projects aimed at promoting the participation and advancement of underrepresented groups. Dr. Cukier has assisted organizations in becoming more inclusive through innovative programs such as DiversityLeads funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, which tracks the progress, impediments and evidenced-based strategies for promoting diversity in organizations.

Staff by Department

Mohamed Elmi

Senior Research Associate & Manager

Patience Adamu

Research Assistant

Binny Arora

Project Manager

Akalya Atputharajah

Research Assistant

Simon Blanchette

Research Assistant

Zohreh Hassannezhad

Research Assistant

Henrique Hon

Data Analyst

Vathsala Illesinghe

Research Assistant

Ruby Latif

Research Associate

Magdalena Sabat

Senior Research Associate

Samantha Stewart

Research Assistant

Erica Wright

Research Assistant

  • Dr. Robert Anderson,, external link Emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Regina
  • Dr. Rupa Banerjee, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, Ryerson University
  • Clare Beckton, external link, CREWW-Carleton U, Carleton University, Carleton University
  • Dr. Kristin Blakely, external link, Course Director, Department of Sociology, Glendon College, York University; Instructor, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Daniela Blettner,, external link Associate Professor of Strategy, Simon Fraser University
  • Dr. Julie Cafley, external link, Vice-President, Programs and Partnerships, Public Policy Forum
  • Dr. Yolande Chan, external link, Associate Dean (Research & PhD/MSc Programs) and E. Marie Shantz Professor of IT Management, Smith School of Business - Queen's University
  • Dr. Marie-Therese Chicha, external link, Professor, School of Industrial Relations, University of Montreal
  • Dr. Beatrix Dart, external link, Professor of Strategy and the Executive Director of the Initiative for Women in Business, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Elizabeth Evans, external link, Dean, Business and Communication Studies, Mount Royal University
  • Dr. Suzanne Gagnon, external link, Great-West Life Chair in Leadership Education and Associate Professor, Leadership and Organization, Director, Institute for Leadership Development, University of Manitoba - Asper School of Business
  • Dr. Thomas Gegenhuber, Lecturer for Digital Transformation, Leuphana University
  • Dr. Abby Goodrum, external link, Professor and Program Coordinator, User Experience Design, Wilfred Laurier University
  • Dr. Kenneth Grant, Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Ted Rogers School of Management
  • Dr. Mary Han, Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and Strategy and Director, Council of International Research and Teaching, Ted Rogers School of Management
  • Dr. Patricia Hewlin, external link, Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour, McGill University
  • Dr. Jaigris Hodson, external link, Assistant Professor and Program Head - Interdisciplinary Studies, Royal Roads University
  • Dr. Jack Jedwab,, external link Executive Vice-President, Association for Canadian Studies
  • Dr.  Sarah Kaplan, external link, Director, Institute for Gender and the Economy, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Gerry Kerr, Associate Professor, Area Chair, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, University of Windsor
  • Dr. Mary Kilfoil, external link, Acting Director, Academic Lead for the Starting Lean Initiative, Dalhousie University - Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Dr. Andre Laplume, Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Ted Rogers School of Management
  • Dr. Howard Lin, Professor, Global Management Studies, Ted Rogers School of Management
  • Dr.  Sarah Lubik, external link, Director of Entrepreneurship , Simon Fraser University
  • Dr. Robert Luke, external link, Vice President, Research and Innovation, OCADU
  • Dr. Lauren McNamara, external link, Research Director, CEO, Recess Project, and Research Associate, Ryerson Diversity Institute
  • Dr.  Norah McRae, external link, Associate Provost, Co-operative and Experiential Education, University of Waterloo
  • Dr.  Catherine Middleton, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University
  • Dr.  Horatio Morgan, Associate Professor of Global Management, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University
  • Dr. Ed Ng, external link, Professor; F.C. Manning Chair in Economics and Business, Dalhousie University - Rowe School of Business
  • Dr.  Charlene Nicholls-Nixon, Director, Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI), Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and Strategy,Ryerson University
  • Dr. Pamela Palmater, Chair in Indigenous Governance, Department of Politics & Public Administration, Ryerson University
  • Dr. Diana Parry, external link, Professor and Associate Vice-President Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion, University of Waterloo
  • Dr. Pushkala Prasad, external link, Professor of Management, Zankel Chair, Department of Management & Business, Skidmore College
  • Dr. Jeffrey Reitz, external link,  R.F. Harney Professor and Director of the Ethnic, Immigration and Pluralism Studies Program, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Michael Roy, external link, Lecturer in Social Business, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Dr. Tania Saba, external link, BMO Chair in Diversity and Governance, Université de Montréal
  • Dr. Francine Schlosser, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship, Practice, and Innovation Centre, University of Windsor
  • Denise Shortt, external link, Interim President & CEO, Information Technology Association of Canada
  • Dr.  Malinda Smith, external link, Full Professor, Arts and Political Science, University of Alberta
  • Dr. Kevin Stolarick, external link, Associate Director and Research Associate, OCADU
  • Dr. Sui Sui, Associate Professor, Global Management Studies, Ted Rogers School of Management
  • Dr. Jawad Syed, external link, Dean and Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Suleman Dawood School of Business, Lahore University of Management Sciences
  • Dr. Susan Trenholm, external link, Professor of Business in the Department of Management, King’s College University of London
  • Dr. Jutta Treviranus, external link, Director, Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC), Professor - Faculty of Design, OCADU
  • Valerie Fox, Chief Innovation Officer, The Pivotal Point, external link
  • Dr. Anil Verma, external link, Director, Centre of Industrial Relations & HR, Professor of Industrial Relations and HR Management, University of Toronto - Joseph L. Rotman School of Management
  • Dr. Natalia Vershinina, external link, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Acting Head of Entrepreneurship Subject Group, Department of Management, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham
  • Dr. Margaret Yap, Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management, Ryerson University

Mallory Clyne

Director of Communications

Meagan Trush

Coordinator, Operations & Communications

Andreea Mihai

Communications Assistant

Nicholas Renzetti

Research Assistant

Elaine Stam

Graphic & Web Design Specialist

Lisa Li

Project Coordinator

Stephanie Dei


Nicole Ufoegbune

Project Manager

Erin Roach

Executive Director


Kadijo Afrah

Project Coordinator

Brooke Crewson

Administrative Coordinator

Jazz Dev

Project Coordinator

Alice Jaroschek

Project Coordinator

Alexandra Macdonald

Senior Research Associate

Kevin Stolarick

Senior Research Associate


Rohini Talwar

Policy & Administrative Coordinator

Khuong Truong

Senior Research Associate

Michael Urban

Research Manager

Brian Robinson

Director, Business Development & Training Programs


Joanna Diorio

Program Manager, Training & Entrepreneurship

Sangeeta Mehta

Partnership Development Specialist & Career Coach

Manal Khader

Program Administrator