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Dr. Sedef Akinli Kocak


PhD Student


MSc and MBA




Sustainability, Environmental Science, Green IT, Green Software, Data Science and Analytics


I am a PhD candidate at Environmental Applied Science and Management and Data Science Lab. at Ryerson University. I was also a lecturer at School of Environment at University of Toronto. I am holding an MBA from Ankara University, Turkey and MSc from University of Maine, USA. My research interest focuses on information technologies and environmental sustainability, sustainability of software systems especially in the area of sustainability in requirements engineering and software qualities and decision making in green software development. My teaching interests are data science, data analytics, energy and environment, software engineering for sustainability. I am a student member of IEEE, ACM, and ACM SigSoft, Engineers for Sustainable World (ESW) and Network of Early-Career Sustainable Scientists and Engineers (NESSE). I am a reviewer at the Journal of Business Ethics. My recent activities are: PC member of ICSE-GREENS'16, ICSE-GREENS'15, ICSE-GREENS'14, EASED 2015, EASED 2014, MEGSUS 2016, MEGSUS 2015, MEGSUS 2014, ITEE-2015, RE4SuSy 2016, RE4SuSy 2015, RE4SuSy 2014; Organizational Committee of SSSE15 (Co-chair), RE'2015 Conference (publicity member).


Environmental Applied Science and Management

Research Interests:

Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Machine Learning

Professional Affiliations:

Graduate Research Assistant, Data Science Lab, Ryerson University

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Spoken Languages:

English, Turkish